Bridge and cycle path for Stephenson Street

There are about 1,000 days to goExpo 2015 and the work has already started. Other works include the construction of a new bridge next to which a cycle path will run. The bridge on the A4 will allow the direct connection between Molino Dorino and the A8.

The bridge was closed on July 28th to allow the works carried out by "Lombardy infrastructure". The entire project will be completed by the end of 2013. The Stephenson area has been the focus of debates several times, there are those who needed a defense full of skyscrapers for office use, a place of business, a "business center " which can offer a lot. There are no certainties about the fate of the Stephenson area but one thing is certain, those who pass through here will be able to ride a new bridge that represents a stretch of the new viability to and from Milan.

The society Expo 2015 SpA, together with the Municipality of Milan and the other interested Municipalities, have collaborated to devise a strategic solution to divert traffic and allow a smooth flow. With the closure of the bridge, the need arose to set up new signs and to arrange public, private and commuter transport. For this we refer you to the directives of the Municipality of Milan.

Video: Cycling to Piermont, NY from George Washington Bridge via Henry Hudson Drive River Road u0026 Route 9W (May 2021).