Solar plexus: location and how to unlock it

The solar plexus it is a very important part of our body, it is located in a crucial position, along the channel where much of our vital energy flows. There dancer Isadora Duncan he had his own theory on this plexus, he claimed it was the source of the movement originating from the inside and projected outside in a fluid dance mirror of the becoming of nature itself. Let's see better and more scientifically what it is, also investigating its link with the chakras.

Solar plexus: anatomy

The solar plexus, in Latin plexus solaris, is located in the abdominal part of our body, just below the diaphragm, ventral to the passage of the aorta into the diaphragm through the hiatus aorticus. We can also speak of celiac plexus (in Latin plexus coeliacus) and it should be noted that it is a sympathetic plexus because it is composed of the celiac plexus but also of the mesenteric ganglion cranial and renal plexus. It is therefore not exactly the same to speak of celiac and solar plexus.

Solar plexus: location

A called chakra is connected to the solar plexus in Sanskrit Manipura which means "City of jewels". This chakra is located in the subtle body, roughly where the pit of the stomach is located, along the central channel also known as Sushumna. We are talking about the third chakra, located between the pelvic and heart chakras. We are talking about the most commonly blocked chakra.

That of the solar plexus is the chakra of emotions, energy and will trying to express herself, the dancer we initially mentioned was right and who, in her own way, had expressed a very similar message. Its position is also significant: where the chakra of emotions could be located if not between the lunar chakra of the reproductive system, relating to desires, and the psychic chakra of the heart, relating to feelings, or the influence of the soul on the mechanisms of nature?

Let's take a closer look at the positions of the chakras. The human being has 7 and they correspond to the 7 vibratory levels of consciousness, arranged vertically along the axis of the Sushumna. The expression of vital energy and will towards the outside is concentrated precisely in the area where the solar plexus is located, between this plexus and the kidneys.

The kidneys also play their role, because there are le adrenal glands that produce adrenaline, a hormone that helps us to react and to impose ourselves in case of fear, pain or shock. The individual will tends to influence people and things and starts from this area of ​​our body, whether it does so in an occult and unconscious way, or not.

Blocked solar plexus

The solar plexus chakra it is one of those who get stuck more frequently and the symptoms are not at all trivial, they involve both the physical and psychological spheres. We are talking about the chakra that regulates the flow of vital energy, it is normal that this is the case. What happens when the solar plexus is blocked? What are the symptoms?

You may feel a sensation of chronic general weakness and one may feel unable to manage and govern one's emotional reactions, this can lead to the tendency to psychological disorders because one's own emotions, if disruptive, are able to invade our rational sphere and to take possession of thoughts and then use them as justification of their desires often out of balance.

When the third chakra is blocked there can be a lack or excess of life energy. When you have too much you feel a strong need to control situations, you are apathetic, you want to eat and satisfy all your natural needs by manifesting a intolerant and hypocritical attitude towards others. If, on the other hand, we run out of energy, we can become excessively insecure and disorganized. When energy does not flow as it should, there is a strong tendency to anxiety and low esteem, it is possible to lose weight in an apparently unmotivated way by accusing problems such as ulcers or eating disorders.

How can you unlock this important chakra? There are several tricks that can help us do this. It starts, as often happens, with food: many ailments can be cured at the table. The solar plexus can benefit from the intake of foods of yellow color, color linked to the chakra in question. You can go from cheeses to bananas, from yellow peppers, to yellow plums, from cedar to chamomile. Go wild, keeping an eye on color.

Meditation is also an excellent habit when it comes to unlock the chakras. In the case of the third chakra, we try to visualize a yellow sun, active and pacified, when we meditate, or a luxuriant and open yellow flower: it will make our life easier and help us to let energy flow again.

The Sun Salutation is certainly very useful for the solar plexus: let it be there position of the warrior both that called navasana are able to strengthen our solar plexus chakra in case it appears to contain streams of vital energy too weak for a complete opening.

Solar plexus unlocked

If we managed to unlock the chakra we will soon feel the consequences, definitely very pleasant. We will begin to be able to exercise greater control of our thoughts and to limit the interference of lower emotions on our will. An unlocked chakra allows us to reaffirm our will, we are no longer at the mercy of emotional reactions! Our actions will therefore be more controlled and more effective and finally we will see the many doubts and too many feelings of guilt that previously crowded our heads disappear.

With a solar plexus unlocked you recover your self-esteem and begin to accept your role with serenity, you feel more spontaneous and in harmony with nature and with those around us

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