Kousmine method: what it is, pillars and origin

Little is said about Kousmine method and the Kousmine diet, is still a much debated theory and the scientific community is divided when it comes to evaluating its real effectiveness. Leaving the judgment pending, leaving it to those who have the medical skills to be able to give their opinion, we begin to understand what it is, where it comes from and with what objectives. First of all, let's clarify that we are talking about a dietary system based on the experience that Dr Catherine Kousmine, from which it takes its name, it has matured by carrying out nutritional studies and applying them in different situations.

Kousmine method: what it is

The Kousmine method is a nutritional regime totally based on foods rich in vitamins and other functional and active molecules. The doctor who invented it thinks it is a useful way to prevent and also to treat various ailments. Its effects, according to Kousmine, must be evaluated taking into account that they are very different according to the stage of the various diseases that are being faced. In fact, there is a big difference in results between functional disorders in the initial phase and severe degenerative disorders: it is not easy to make an overall assessment.

Despite this "problem", the Kousmine method it has not stopped being applied and in some cases has led to even decisive improvements in the health status of people suffering from serious illnesses and with advanced clinical pictures. This is thanks to the careful selection of foods but also tosupport of some supplements and careful intestinal hygiene to maintain acid-base balance.

Kousmine method: effects

The purpose for which this method was developed is to counteract, through nutrition, all tumoral, degenerative and autoimmune pathologies. These categories also include multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus. Let's look at some of the more practical goals of this diet.

First of all it was studied to decrease toxins that strain our immune system more than ever through intestinal hygiene and to supplement the vitamins that are deficient. Often they are missing because their absorption is insufficient due to intestinal disorders, antibiotic treatments, chemotherapy, so it remains necessary to add the microelements that the body needs and can be done with a proper diet.

The Kousmine method is also used for eliminate body acidosis, the first reason why situations of organic imbalance arise, and to eliminate risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, exposure to pesticides, toxic substances and electromagnetic waves

Thanks to a balanced intake of lipids, this diet is able to provide the body with the substances necessary for construction of natural anti-inflammatory substances and cell membranes and to ensure what is needed for healthy tissue turnover. Let's not forget that a diet like this should also lead to a decrease in stress from excessive fatigue or linked to hectic pace of life or exposure to severe emotional situations.

Kousmine method: pillars

To get to know this method better and get your own idea of ​​what it proposes, it is essential know its principles. Here they are, there are four essential ones.

The first is healthy nutrition, in order to provide essential and necessary nutrients, lighten the work on our immune system also minimizing the amount of toxic substances we come into contact with.
Intestinal hygiene is also very important to moderate the doses of toxins absorbed and reduce putrefactive phenomena in order to restore functional integrity to the colon.

Another basic principle of the method is the complementarity of foods. This means committing to take those substances that should be produced by a healthy organism, thus providing all those elements that instead we may have difficulty finding in some products that reach us after various processing and too industrial conservation processes. Last but not least, the pillar of the method is that of the fight against acidification of the organism. This means nothing more than aiming for the restoration of intestinal bacterial flora to promote intracellular exchanges and reduce the production of free radicals

From a more operational point of view, let's try to observe some indications contained in this diet. Wine should be limited to one glass a day, animal fats should be reduced as much as possible by going to totally eliminate hot-pressed oils and added sugar, all light foods. If we really need to sweeten something, we use whole sugar or honey.

No more industrial pastry products, but we can continue to enjoy the goodness of pure dark chocolate. Less and less meat, to replace fish and white meat, less and less milk, dairy products and cheeses seasoned: better satiated with legumes associated with cereals. The Kousmine method does not like coffee or even salt, it also prohibits all those preserved foods such as flour, cereal flakes, precooked products, etc.

Kousmine method: origin

Before concluding, a small parenthesis on Soviet researcher which gives the name to this method. Born in 1904 in Hvalynsky, this doctor graduated in medicine from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and has dedicated her life to finding a way to fight cancer, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, through the power supply.

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