Natural, soothing and DIY soothing cream

A soothing cream at hand it is always better to have it since it is what you need not only for sensitive skin but also for dry ones. Those who suffer from couperose use them a lot, for example, but they can be useful in many cases, to soothe them irritations caused by dermatitis, for example, but also for the effects of insect bites and acne. After hair removal or shaving, or after being burned, as a rule, what we spread on the skin is always a soothing cream. Let's see what features it has.

Soothing cream: meaning

In general it is about natural emollient and moisturizing creams which have been designed to soothe skin irritations and inflammations. They contain natural active ingredients with a soothing action, such as those extracted from chamomile or mallow. Literally soothing means "which has the purpose and effect of soothing, that is to mitigate or alleviate physical pain or discomfort". In addition to the creams there are the soothing remedies, soothing drugs but we can also speak of soothing power, of soothing action, decoction or soothing antispasmodic.

Soothing cream: body

There soothing cream it can be used all over the body, especially in the most sensitive areas that become irritated or inflamed more frequently. It is not necessary that an area is already red to be able to spread this cream that is also very suitable to hydrate, protect and nourish the skin as well as to soothe skin inflammation, irritation, itching and redness.

Let's see some situations in which the soothing creams are particularly useful. When it is necessary to nourish dry skin to avoid the itching caused by skin tension, or when it is necessary to calm the itching and redness of insect bites.

The same cream can soothe the burning and redness caused by excessive exposure to the sun and also reduce skin redness caused by diaper in newborns and in children. In general, we use these products to moisturize and protect sensitive and hypersensitive skin every day, that is, those that tend to be too reactive to normal stimuli, manifesting irritation, erythema and hives. Even in the case of couperose, a soothing cream is needed, many use it later for pimples and boils, when they come to cause redness. Three classic cases of use of the soothing cream are that of shaving, that of hair removal and that of inflammation of the hair follicles.

Natural soothing cream

For all creams for the skin of the body and face, there are two phases of the emulsions, one aqueous and one oily, then active ingredients are added and, if you prefer, fragrances, additives and preservatives.

When we talk about soothing natural creams we mean emollient and moisturizing creams which contain ingredients with a soothing action both in the fatty and aqueous phase and added as active ingredients. Being natural, it goes without saying that in their composition there are many natural substances.

Let's see how these phases are composed. Let's start with the fat one in which we find many vegetable oils such as hazelnut and sweet almond, or some oleolites with soothing action. Also in the fatty phase, substances such as Shea butter, Cupuassu butter and cocoa butter, calendula butter are provided.

Let's move on to the aqueous phase, now, a phase in which we find quite another kind of ingredients. For example, the gel extracted from Aloe vera or the hydrolates of chamomile, cornflower, yarrow, lavender and lime. Especially the last mentioned are definitely useful for treating the skin of people suffering from rosacea, eczema, sores, acne, psoriasis and urticaria.

In addition to the two phases of the cream, there are the natural active ingredients with a soothing action that represent a very important part of the compound. In this category we find the extracts of chamomile, mallow, yarrow, lemon balm and lime. There is also zinc oxide, widely used in natural soothing creams to avoid redness and diaper irritation in newborns.

Among the extracts, bisabobol, obtained from chamomile, is very common, and then there are hypericin, contained in St. John's wort oil, and glycyrrhetic acid obtained from licorice and

When a soothing cream is indicated to treat specifically couperose, rosacea o skin reddened by the sun very often contains natural substances with a vasotonic action to protect and tone the blood capillaries such as witch hazel and extracts of butcher's broom and horse chestnut, Ginkgo biloba diflavones, ivy saponins.

Soothing cream for children

On line we find many cheap products specific for children, here are some particularly recommended.
A Face and Body Cream for Babies "Coccole di Mamma". A nappy cream with White Mallow, Atopic and Delicate Skin and a soothing anti-reddening paste.

Do-it-yourself soothing cream

There are also those who prefer to "cook" the remedy they need at home. It is not an impossible task, it takes about 30 minutes and a few tools of the trade such as one precision balance, a battery operated mini mixer and a pair of gloves.

As for the ingredients, we have to divide them into phases, aqueous phase and oily or fat phase. For the first, you need mint hydrosol orhydrosol of lemon balm or chamomile, xanthan gum and vegetable glycerin. For the fatty phase jojoba oil, oily macerate (oleolite) of chamomile, hypericum, aloe and emulsifying wax, cetyl alcohol and menthol crystals. We can also add essential oils such as sage or bergamot without furocoumarins.

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