Focal shock waves

Focal shock waves

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Shock waves, widely used in the urological field, but also inorthopedic, physiatric and rehabilitation fields. Certainly not always in the same way and with the same times, from time to time in fact we act on living but different tissues and it is necessary that the experts in the field evaluate how, when and if shock waves can be useful and effective.

For example, they are never used in the presence of non-vital calcified concretions. The advantage of this type of treatment lies in the fact that it is basically well tolerated by people, it is not invasive, it can be repeated without problems and it is effective, especially when it comes to treat after-effects of trauma or surgery itself.

Focal shock waves

There is talk, in the medical field, of focal shock waves and we have been talking about it for some time. Initially they were used for pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, concerning tendons and bones, since the 1990s they have also been used for the treatment of kidney stones.

In general they are appreciated and used for beneficial anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and "anti-edema" properties, they can also stimulate tissue repair and assist the skin regeneration process. There are times when shock waves can be used for to heal the sores, ulcers and some "hard" wounds of various origins, including post-traumatic ones.

Shock waves: cellulite

It is certainly not the first way of using shock waves but perhaps it is the best known, since cellulite is a particularly felt problem, even by those who do not have it but fear it. These waves applied to the skin, over time have proved useful for the treatment of inelastic and unsightly scars and wrinkles, but alsotreatment for cellulite. This is what happens.

When the shock waves are directed on the affected part. from cellulite, generally buttocks and thighs, or hips, the tissues are regenerated and the architecture of the subcutaneous adipose tissue is restored. In addition, always the same waves, they manage to improve microcirculation and the elasticity of the skin. When it comes to cellulite, it is always good to specify: shock waves do not make you lose weight.

Ultrasound-guided shock waves

As acoustic waves such as shock waves, of a mechanical nature, they come produced by lithotripters, special equipment which you don't usually have at home. These waves propagate in the tissues, they have one particular waveform which on the one hand differentiates them from ultrasounds, on the other makes them effective from a therapeutic point of view because they have positive biological effects.

To imagine ultrasound-guided shock waves, in practice, let's compare them to a sort of "Micro-whirlpool" which takes place on tissues and cells, causing them to produce substances with anti-inflammatory action, stimulating the regeneration of the tissues themselves.

Shock waves in physiotherapy

In physiotherapy it is their pain-relieving effect is highly appreciated which is immediately evident, many times, even if it is necessary to wait 2-3 months to evaluate the general effectiveness of the treatment. In most cases, moreover, the therapeutic protocols provide for a progressive increase in the energy applied, so the patient can adapt without too much difficulty

Shockwaves side effects

While not being considered an invasive therapy, the one with shock waves is not recommended for some particular categories of people. For example, to those with cancer, thrombophlebitis or to those who are pregnant. It should not be performed even when they would involve areas such as the brain, spinal cord and gonads or hollow organs. It is not prohibited but not even recommended for those with Pace Makers or electrostimulators, or if it risks touching cartilages that are still growing.

However, there is a device online useful for ultrasound therapy, at 300 euros, which many use for fitness or aesthetic reasons.

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