How and when to sow green beans

They are one of the most common and loved vegetables in Italy, in the period from May to September, but how and when sow the green beans? Let's see it together and conclude with some advice to enjoy them, in all sauces.

Green beans: characteristics

Green beans are a known variety "eat everything", this means that, as we all know, it is possible to eat the whole pod, entirely, without luckily having to shell the seeds as it happens for other varieties of beans. This is why it is necessary to harvest this vegetable before the seed develops when ripe in the pod.

Also called croissants, i green beans they are part of the same botanical type of beans, there are also platters, which are in fact a specific type of green bean, and snow peas which are peas eat everything, so they are part of another type. Inside, the green beans divide in different varieties that we can distinguish by observing their mode of growth and development: some are dwarfs, others instead climbing plants. If, on the other hand, we rely on the shapes and colors that this vegetable can take, to identify the varieties, we can recognize green, yellow, thread-like, flat beans, ..

Beyond the existing varieties, it is important to remember the extreme importance that the green bean assumes within a synergistic vegetable garden, this vegetable is in fact able to enrich the soil with nitrogen allowing optimal crop rotation. This is especially true for dwarf varieties that have a short crop cycle.

When to sow green beans

The modalities of cultivation of green beans they are very similar to those concerning beans, so if you know how to sow beans, you already know how to sow green beans too.

It is a practice to be done by spring until late summer because these are plants that fear frost. They can be sown in postarelle or in rows, directly in the open field but if desired, they can also be successfully placed in pots, in case you want to grow them on the balcony.

Everything as with beans with the only difference that, during the harvesting phase, for the green beans it is necessary to shorten the waiting time and intervene when the pod is still green and tender. Let's not forget that we are dealing with a mangiatutto bean and it is necessary that the seeds have not yet matured inside.

How to sow green beans

When it's time to sow green beans is important check the right type of soil, to proceed with fertilization correctly and also with irrigation. Just refer to the cultivation of the bean in order not to be mistaken, this also applies to pests and diseases to watch out for. Among the enemies of the green bean are aphids, for the record, which are gods plant lice very annoying that settle on the underside of the leaf and often transmit virosis.

Green beans: what to grow

To understand what is right for us, it is necessary to understand what we want from ours sow the green beans. Each type has its own characteristics, especially as regards the duration of the crop cycle. Let's begin to take into account the particularities of each and the fact that snow peas and green beans, being vegetables to eat fresh, last less and they don't dry out like beans, chickpeas, peas or lentils.

If we decide to sow the climbing green beans we must take into account their rather long crop cycle which will hardly allow us to proceed with the cultivation of another vegetable, after harvesting. If we do not have this need, they are a type of green bean to be taken seriously because they actually produce well and are worth growing.

Unlike their climbing brethren, i green beans mangiatutto dwarfs are precocious so they are the right variety for those who need to enrich the soil with nitrogen and cultivate the vegetable garden in rotation. These green beans have shorter harvest times, quickly make room for another crop and are suitable for a family garden.

Green beans: recipes

Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as minerals including potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, green beans can be cooked in a variety of ways. Let's see some, more or less classic, starting with salads.
There is that of potatoes and green beans, nutritious and light, to be enjoyed warm or cold, or that of tomatoes, green beans and tuna, excellent for a quick meal and to be garnished with black olives or dried tomatoes if desired.

The third salad I suggest is that of mixed beans, a perfect single dish for vegetarians, rich in proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. For others inspiring salads, I recommend this precious volume: "Salads. Creative ideas, quick and easy "

Let's proceed with the first courses, then with the pasta with tuna and green beans. Cold summer dish, and with maltagliati anchovies and green beans, with the variant for lasagna. As a second course, I suggest the dish "calamari and chicken with mushrooms and green beans" and, finally, a traditional recipe, green beans Apulian style, with a tasty and simple tomato.

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