Pork loin with orange: recipe for a tasty second course

Pork loin with orange: recipe for a tasty second course

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L'pork loin with orange it is a delicious second course, easy to make and able to guarantee enough satiety.

In short, ideal for trying to cook at home one of these days, testing your skills as an aspiring chef!

But how to prepare the pork loin with orange? If you are looking for a good one recipe for pork loin with orange, you are in the right place: follow the instructions that we are pleased to share with you below, and you will get a really tasty second!

How to prepare, in a simple way,pork loin with orange, a perfect recipe to give many joys to the palate.

Ingredients pork loin with orange

First, you need to get the ingredients of pork loin with orange.
As obvious as it is, assuming you have to prepare this dish for 4-5 people, you will need about 1 kg of pork loin: ask your trusted butcher!
Also get 4 oranges, 40 grams of butter, 20 grams of extra virgin olive oil, 20 ml of balsamic vinegar, a few bay leaves, 20 grams of corn starch, white pepper and salt.

How to prepare the pork loin with orange

Once you've got all the ingredients, let's move on to the implementation phase!
Take the meat, wash it and pat it dry with kitchen paper to remove excess moisture, and then add salt and pepper, with quantities according to your tastes.
Also take an orange peel and grate it. Also get the orange juice, and put the peel in a baking dish: put white pepper, bay leaf and salt, and arrange the meat inside the same baking dish, wetting it with the contents on all sides. Let it marinate for 3 hours, turn it from time to time to let the sauce absorb.

Then prepare a pan with high sides, heat some oil and melt the butter. Next, combine the meat and let it brown evenly. Blend with the vinegar and, once evaporated, add the marinade you prepared previously, letting it flavor for a few minutes.

Pork loin with orange recipe

At this point of the recipe for pork loin with orange you will enter the heart of the preparation.

You must in fact take the 3 oranges that you excluded from the grater and the initial juice, and extract the juice. Combine it with 250 ml of water, a little vinegar and a little white pepper.

Add the sauce you have obtained to the pan with the meat, and bring to a boil. Then lower the heat and cover the pan with the lid, leaving it to cook for about 2 hours, and remembering to wet the meat every 20 minutes with its cooking liquid.

Then finish cooking by removing the meat from the pan, and putting it in a sheet of aluminum foil: you will need it to avoid letting it dry.

For the moment, keep the meat aside and work on the cooking liquid, which you will need to filter and then bring to the boil in a small saucepan. Finally, take the starch and put it to dissolve in half a glass of water, then gradually add it to the sauce. Mix with a whisk until you get a velvety mixture.
You have reached the final stage! In fact, take the meat that should still be wrapped in aluminum foil, cut it into slices and arrange it on a large serving dish. Take the sauce you made a few lines ago: you'll need it to accompany this fantastic pork loin!

Wine pairing with pork loin

And if you want to get the most out of your plate, you can only try to get the best wine pairing with pork loin.

In general, pork goes well with red wine, considering that the proteins in the meat are in excellent combination with the tannins and attenuate the bitter taste of the wine, enhancing its harmony.

As for our dish today, we advise you to focus firmly on a good medium-aged and persistent red wine: from Merlot to Barbera, passing through a certainty like Chianti, you will certainly have no difficulty in choosing!

Pork loin: classic recipe

For those who prefer onerecipemore classic, it can point to the classic pork loin with potatoes or baked loin.

  • Roast pork loin with potatoes
  • Baked pork loin

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