Energy efficiency: less pollution and more comfort

L'energy efficiency of a building and the consequent energy saving it not only represents a decrease in pollution, but also means the acquisition of security that allows you to have comfort and quality in your own home. Despite being two different concepts, efficiency and energy saving are closely linked to each other. Let's see how and how important the relative energy certification is.

Efficiency and energy saving

L'energy efficiency it is when you start using energy in the best way, making sure you consume less and make the most of that expense. The energy saving is different, which indicates the desire to consume less in general. The difference is subtle but tangible: an example of energy efficiency can be the insulation of a house, while the saving is to turn off the lights when they are not needed. In both cases, in the construction and real estate sector, efficiency and energy saving are both fundamental elements because they touch an important and delicate key for the direct well-being of the family, namely that of economic savings and comfort.

When dealing with the energy issue of a house, it is necessary to understand how an apartment was built, with what materials and with what characteristics, to understand how that building is energy efficient and how much it can contribute to consequent energy saving.

The keystone is represented by an objective assessment, which is used to indicate as an energy performance certificate. This evaluation passes through an inspection following which the aspects of a building that can allow energy savings are defined, which substantially translates into economic and living comfort (from the hygrometric, thermometric and acoustic point of view). Having an estimate of the situation in a house allows you to know how to move to eliminate waste, or reduce it to a minimum, and to increase energy efficiency.

Energy performance certificate: savings and comfort

Even if with theenergy efficiency and saving cannot be solved the current problems present worldwide, although certainly good is done from the point of view of pollution, surely those who make an energy assessment and certification have the opportunity to know well what are the weaknesses of their own home and how to optimize them. For example: inserting particular structures and building envelopes, insulating opaque surfaces, using stratigraphies with good performance etc. In this way, you are good for yourself, your wallet and the environment. If we add to this the use of systems and plants designed to guarantee energy by means of renewable systems, the advantages increase.

In light of these considerations, rely on a specialized company to carry out an energy assessment and certification (BEE) becomes very important. ACE Consulting Energy Certification, for example, deals with precisely this kind of estimates. The energy performance certificate in some cases can be an obligation, but in general it can always be said that it is an opportunity to make a comfortable home and for energy saving.

The double official and practical value of this document makes it essential to entrust it to professionals who can provide a legally and officially recognized valid one. However, this is only possible if the staff and the agency are authorized and only after an inspection, there are not many recognized agencies, but they are easily recognized by the appropriate price and the guarantee of a physical visit to the house.

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