Cronus, titan of agriculture: origins of the myth

Chrono he is not known as his son, Zeus, but almost. Many connect it with the idea of ​​time and in fact it is the titan of time but also that of Fertility and Agriculture. His name derives from the ancient Greek Kronos, (Κρόνος, Krónos), he is a pre-Olympic deity of Greek mythology and religion and in most myths we see him appear as son of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia or Gaia (Earth). Let's not confuse him with Chronos, divinity of time in Orphism: our Cronus is the second lord of the world and father of Zeus and the first Olympians.

The cult of Cronus it was mainly located in Athens where the Cronie festivals were even celebrated in the summer, we find events in his honor also in other areas of the country, in Boeotia, for example, but also in Rhodes and Cyrene.

This mythological figure has a counterpart in Roman mythology: Saturn, ancient god of harvest. We also find it in popular culture, here are two examples. In some episodes of Stargate SG-1 there is a Cronus who is a Goa'uld, also Cronus is also called the main antagonist of the Saga Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus, in which he intends to free himself from his imprisonment in the Tartarus in order to destroy the gods and Western civilization.

Cronus: Greek myth

By virtue of the fact that he covers the role of Titan of Agriculture, let's get to know his story, or rather the myth that sees him as the protagonist with his son Zeus.

Cronus is son of Uranus, the father as soon as he was born threw him together with his brothers into the depths of the earth because he was convinced that they were willing to rebel against his power to become the masters of the universe themselves. Gaea, the mother, companion of Uranus, encouraged her son to face the father. Cronus then went to Uranus armed with a sickle and courage, I will evade him and take his place, in command of the entire universe.

Having risen to power, our titan rushed to free his brothers from the bowels of the Earth where their father had relegated them, leaving them in captivity. the Cyclops and the Hecatonchiri. He had doubts about their honesty, he feared they might rebel against his power.

With the intention of continuing the work of creating the universe, Cronus married his sister Rhea, another representative of the Titans, and had several children with her. We remember some of the names because there are myths that see them as protagonists. For example Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Estia.

Those of Kronos were a rather peaceful and happy kingdom, everything was going well until a cursed prophecy arrived, which broke the balance that had finally been created at a universal level. Someone convinced Kronos that his sons would bring about the end of his reign. Well-intentioned to maintain his position for a long time and to remain at the head of the universe, ours Titan he acted on impulse, terrified of decay, and began to devour all his children. As soon as they were born, he swallowed them so that he could keep them prisoners of his own guts.

As imaginable, Rea, his wife, did not take it well and tried with all her might to oppose the carnage in progress. It was at that time that Zeus was born and Rhea was careful not to hand it over to her husband, thus condemning the newborn to certain death. He wits and showed a Chrono heap of rags making him pass as a newborn son, he fell brutally into it and devoured it with a violence that did not allow him to realize that what his wife had given him was only cloth.

Meanwhile Zeus was entrusted to the goat Amalthea who took care of it by protecting and raising it secretly from his father, in a cave on Mount Ida, in Crete. Once an adult, Zeus came out and decided to avenge his brothers and attack his father. He acted with deception and not with force, he made him drink a special drink prepared by Metis that made him vomit all the children he had devoured. This started a real one war between father and son which lasted a long time, ten years, with a gripping tug-of-war between Cronus and the Titans in opposition to Zeus supported by his brothers.

It was Gaea who interrupted the conflict with a suggestion that allowed Zeus to change his war strategy. He suggested that he free the Cyclops and to ally with them. Zeus listened to her and, thanks to Cyclops, he won because these creatures, to repay the fact of having been freed, gave him lightning, a winning weapon.

There are several endings to the myth. In some versions there is a happy ending with Zeus that allows the father to reign in the islands of the blessed, on the edge of the world but according to others, Cronus ended up in Tule sinking into a magical sleep or chained in the deepest bowels of the earth. The only certain thing is the fate of the Titans who were chained by Zeus in Tartar and were entrusted to the Ecantonchiri.

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