Iset test: what it is, effectiveness and characteristics

When it comes to Iset test there is talk of tumors and their possible identification even at an early stage. It is necessary to talk about it with great caution because it is a field in which research is still ongoing, there are no certainties or final judgments and there are different positions of the scientific community on this matter.

This text was created by theoncologist Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot who thought in this way to be able to find a tumor at a very early stage. The name of the test is the acronym for isolation of cancer cells, it is carried out according to their size and it is a technique that still shows many limits to this day.

Iset test: what it is

This technique, through a blood test, aims to identify the cancerous cells that may be circulating in the body. Said like this it seems like a dream, a mirage for those who have been fighting cancer for years, but one thing must be specified. For now, this technique fails to identify the organ from which potential cancer cells derive. It is a huge limit from a medical point of view, it is evident. The idea remains that this test aims to arrive at the diagnosis early compared to what can not be done using diagnostic imaging techniques: such as CT, Pet and magnetic resonance. Unfortunately, today it is not "competitive"

We said that it is based on the size of the cells to carry out the recognition. It should therefore be specified that cancer cells differ from those normally circulating in the blood precisely for this parameter. When one goes to probe the cells present in the blood of healthy people, only three types are found: i leukocytes, the erythrocytes and the platelets. The presence of larger cells is not expected, if they were identified, the suspicion of the tumor that may have already developed in the person who underwent the test would arise.

When the cell of abnormal size is already in circulation can also trigger a process of metastatic spread.

Iset test: effectiveness

To date, the Iset test based oncell isolation it is not considered by the scientific community to be better or more effective than other types of tools for diagnosis equally available. You do not want to "bite" it completely, the judgment is suspended, waiting for results that allow a serious comparison.

The methods for identifying cancer cells today the subject of studies and research are over forty, many of them are still to be evaluated definitively and the Iset test is among them.

So far there are available results related to experiments conducted in vitro or on animal model together with some research in which it was possible to discover the cancer cells in patients who provided data on lung, colorectal, prostate, breast, pancreas, liver and melanoma cancer cells. For now we have limited ourselves to this but in the future there variety of tumors analyzed could be more extensive but at the moment there is no randomized clinical trial that compares the search for cancer cells in the blood with the diagnostic procedures currently in use for the various neoplasms.

Iset test: characteristics

Let's see what particular characteristics this test has at the level of diagnostic tool. If this test is applied to healthy subjects, hoping to prevent the worsening of some conditions, it should be noted that it is not possible to extract information from it on which organ is affected by a tumor. This is a limit that we have already analyzed and which obviously weighs heavily on the effectiveness andusefulness of the test. In fact, it means that if a person who undergoes the test is positive, he must undergo a series of other non-specific investigations such as CT, PET and MRI scans. All this without the certainty that a precise diagnosis will then be reached because the tumor could be of such size as to escape the tests.

As for theapplication of the test to healthy people, aimed at obtaining an early diagnosis, there are no data that particularly support its use. We can also see this test applied to cancer patients to capture the beginning of a process as soon as possible metastatic spread. In this case, the test is not particularly useful because it goes without saying that we are dealing with subjects that are already ultra-controlled, for example with imaging techniques and with the dosage of tumor markers.

Iset and the Italian Association of Medical Oncology

Waiting for the next developments from the research point of view, let's see what position theItalian Association of Medical Oncology regarding the Iset test. In general, today it is not a system that can make a difference like all other diagnostic tests which, alone, do not change anyone's fate. The fight against cancer is won by doing team play, collaborating and sharing, and above all overseeing all the various aspects ranging from prevention to scientific research, from early diagnosis and new therapies of today and tomorrow. Maximum synergy is required to achieve positive developments.

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