Blue light: what it is, what it causes and remedies

We hear more and more often about blue light, as an enemy of our health, especially those who struggle to sleep. However, we do not mean blue light in general, but only that which is emitted by electronic devices such as the PC monitor or smartphone display, those closest to us and that very often hypnotize us and prevent us from looking around and taking care of what happens in real life. For work and leisure, we are increasingly inclined to look at our smartphone, at any time. In addition to often taking us to stay up late at night, this habit can give us problems precisely because of blue light. Let's understand what happens and why it can be harmful.

Blue light: what it is

We speak of blue light when we want to understand the backlight of those LCD displays which have LED lamps with an emission spectrum with a predominant component of blue and frequencies close to ultraviolet. They are the majority and this light manages to shed trigger the reactivation processes that precede awakening, which is why it can disturb our sleep, especially if we look at it for a long time in the evening hours.

It is therefore clear that the blue light has gone to break a balance important., it messed up our circadian rhythms. It did not exist when man learned to base his days and habits on the alternation of light and dark dictated by the movements of the Earth. The lights of dawn and dusk have always been the signals for us to wake up and fall asleep.

Since there is blue light in our days, we are as if unconsciously disoriented, because in addition to our usual references there is this new element that messes up the cards and can cause problems. Among the processes automatically reactivated by blue light there is the inhibition of production of melatonin, one of the most important substances related to the sleep cycle.

Blue light: what causes

Before the blue, electric light itself has revolutionized our way of life. It has certainly brought many advantages, so much so that today it would be unimaginable to be able to live without electric light, but it is also true that it has given us the freedom to manage the rhythms of the day not necessarily by obeying the alternation of day and night. Some of us are not in fact able to organize ourselves rigorously and have gods rhythms of life unhealthy, stressful, in which the hours of sleep end up not being enough.

Blue light is another problem and transforms everyone i LCD type LED displays into potential enemies of sleep and healthy living. Unlike older incandescent bulbs, these devices have an emission spectrum with a predominant component of blue and frequencies close to ultraviolet. For the reasons we have mentioned, therefore, looking at an LED display for a long time when it is dark outside can cause phase-shifting effects of the natural circadian rhythm. Our sleep and wake mechanism goes haywire, loses references and very often we end up suffering from insomnia or sleeping very badly.

Blue light: remedies

It seems obvious but better say it. The first piece of advice you can give is to avoid overexposing yourself to blue light. Simply put, let's stop sticking to our smartphones all evening and try to find something different to do. Watch a movie, talk to a friend, read a book, indulge in our hobbies. They exist today of apps and functions that can help us not always stay connected. We remove the ringtone and notifications, put in "silent" the whatsapp groups in which we are included and try to focus on what happens around us without focusing on social networks, on the Facebook notifications that we are not checking, on the Instagram stories that we are not watching .

If we find ourselves having to look at the display of a PC or smartphone for business reasons, we can rely on some solutions that are able to mitigate the harmful effects of blue light. Many smartphones provide us with the possibility to automatically activate an evening profile at a certain time in which the display turns towards warmer shades, trying to filter the blue light components more clearly. It is not The Solution but it can help. There are programs on the pc that do something similar.

There are more effective solutions, with real ones physical filters which block the harmful components of blue light totally. The films and the glasses. The difference between the two is where each solution acts in the path of light from the display to our eyes.

There are many proposals on the market, for both products. The glasses they can have lenses of various materials, in simple polycarbonate, or with advanced polymers with better performance. For those who wear eyeglasses, universal clips are also available, to make their glasses suitable for filtering blue light. The films, compared to glasses, they have the advantage that they can be used easily by those who wear eyeglasses and do not want to add clips and by those who do not generally wear glasses and are not used to them

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