Indoor or outdoor dog enclosure

Dog Fence, not to keep them in prison but to protect them, sometimes to protect our garden and to prevent them from welcoming guests that are too affectionate and "muddy". There are fences that serve to delimit the range of action of your dog without damaging it and without mistreating it, it is important to know what characteristics a correct and respectful dog enclosure must have for its spaces but also for ours.

There are also indoor fences, which may seem strange to some, but which may turn out comfortable for small dogs that are taken on trips and at first they may find themselves disoriented. Sometimes there is the risk of them getting lost, in a campsite, for example, or in a hotel.

Outdoor dog enclosure

In most cases what you need is a fence for dogs, especially ideal for large dogs who may want to wander in the garden, but not too much.

The fence must be placed next to the kennel, always up fit for dog size, in order to create his own corner of privacy and freedom that he himself can feel like “A room all to yourself” at Virginia Wolf. In the delimited space, the dog must be able to play, rest, even run a little, in total tranquility and not with the sun blazing, for example.

An outdoor dog fence can be modular with panels or fixed, by fixed we mean the classic fence in wood or other materials, with the entrance doors.

Depending on the size of the dog and its propensity to jump, it goes choice of height and material, it is always advisable not to choose one that is toxic if nibbled because the animal will certainly bite a little. As prices, also views the size and strength that must have, an outdoor dog run costs more than an indoor run.

Indoor dog enclosure

For an internal area, which can be our home, but not necessarily, the ideal dog pen is modular, made up of panels that often fold back on themselves. As dimensions, we are around 2-3 square meters, as standard, but then everyone can customize the enclosure as they wish, for better fit it into space that he chose for the dog and that should never be chosen at random.

The indoor dog run is good for it transportable even outside the home, so it can also be installed in the holiday home, hotel, office.

Among the most used models to date, there is the one in galvanized wire that can also be used outdoors, without rusting. It is a structure with panels with modular bars that can be fixed together with a removable iron rod. There are also wooden models, beautiful but more difficult to use even outdoors, and nylon, material that is fine for puppies or small dogs that use it as an enlarged kennel.

Regarding the shapes, we find a wide choice of dog fences: rectangular, square, or circular… Being in modular panels, each composes as it deems within the limits of possibilities.

Dog fence how to build it

To save, or if you have the hobby of bricolage, you can build the dog enclosure you want with your own hands, whether it is indoor or outdoor, so that it is functional and efficient, but also to our taste. Before leaving with the design, let's take a look at the space we want to use, because the law establishes that for a dog the minimum boundary space is 8 square meters for the outside, obviously.

The poles need to be well anchored to the ground and that the animal has no chance to dig under, we also check that there are no dangerous protrusions that can injure the dog.

To best position it, let's choose one area sheltered from sun and rain, checking that the dog can be comfortable with it. It can be useful: how to build a dog fence

Dog training enclosure

There are fences that come explicitly used for dog training, they serve to teach him to identify his safe space and give him the certainty of having a place to feel safe. In his enclosure we must never disturb him, he must feel free to relax undisturbed.

We also find examples of these fences online, for small dogs there is this "park for small animals"In polyester coated in PVC with a diameter of 125 cm. Up Amazon costs 55 euros, as well as for training, it can also be used during the holidays because it is portable and light, or at home. It is washable and resistant.

DIY Dog Fence

Even the desire to save can push us to build a fence for dogs. To get an idea of ​​the expense it entails, we can say that i indoor fences are cheaper and cost from 30 euros up to even 150 euros. The outdoor ones undoubtedly require a greater investment, it depends on the size and material, too, and then they go often set up with bowls of water and food, toys and sometimes sheds.

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