How to build a dog run

How to build a dog run: instructions formake a DIY fenceto host a dog in the garden, in complete safety.

The I play for dogs it is a very useful form of delimitation of the areas in which your four-legged friends can freely move safely. But how to build a dog run? What are the tools you will need to try and use for create a dog enclosure? In short, what does it take to build it? Here is all the useful information.

What it takes to build a dog fence

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the size of a dog fence - by law! - must respect a perimeter of at least 8 square meters. Furthermore, dogs cannot be tied to the chain inside the enclosure.

Once you have clarified the above, you can proceed to find out how make a DIY dog fence, and what you need.

The first requirement is certainly represented by a wire mesh that is wide enough to easily close the perimeter of the fence. Also get 8 iron poles, ready-made concrete and a door: the latter can however be replaced by an iron frame, which you can cover with the net.

Also buy some door hinges, wire and a latch. Instead, the wire mesh should preferably be plasticized and free of any protrusions that could harm your dog.

Construction of a dog pen

Once you have procured everything you need, you can proceed with the construction of a dog pen. To do this, dig deep enough holes in the four corners of what will be your fence, and another hole in the center of each side. In this way you can place the poles and make them solid thanks to the use of concrete.

On the side where you want to place the door, fix the pole not in the center of the side, but more moved towards the other pole that I wanted to use as the door hinge. However, it creates holes deep enough so that the poles, once the concrete has solidified, have a strong resistance.

Dog fence: how to build it

Once you have placed the posts, dig a track that goes from post to post, at least six to eight inches deep. This will be the perimeter in which you will go to install the dog fence: thus start anchoring the net to the eight posts by passing it inside the track, and fixing it to the posts with the wire, turning the nodes outside the fence, so that they are not dangerous for your four-legged friends.

Once this is done, make sure you do these actions calmly, so that the net is tight and resistant to the shocks that the animals may reproduce. If you find yourself having trouble with the mesh, get help from a second person.

Once you have fixed the mesh well, use the concrete to cover the trace of the perimeter you dug: in this way the mesh will anchor to the concrete becoming even more solid. Finally, mount the hinges on the post you have chosen as the door frame, and the bolt on the one on the side and on the door.

How to furnish a DIY dog enclosure

At this point, you can choose to furnish your dog pen in the most comfortable way for your four-legged friend. For example, place a kennel, bowls with food, water, games that can distract him if he is bored.

In any case, remember that the dog enclosure is not "the dog's house", and that it should not remain inside the enclosure for too long. In short, avoid making the dog pen a sort of prison, but transform it into a safe and comfortable area to let it rest at night or when you maybe leave.

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