Types of wood: categories and characteristics

We often talk about wood like a precious material, in fact it is, in some respects, and that is why numerous materials have sprung up on the market that aim to replace it in certain fields such as construction. Before discussing the price and characteristics, it is essential to take a step back and take the time to investigate the various types of wood that exist. There are many differences between Maple and Cherry wood, between that of Oak and that of Noce, as we will see shortly. The price varies from tree to tree, but not only. What changes are the characteristics of the wood, its hardness, its resistance and therefore the possibility of using it in one or another area.

This is why it is very useful to know how to distinguish the various types of wood. We will see the most used and significant of what is a long list.

Types of wood: categories

There are long lists of woods commonly used or that were used in the past by man for his activities. Let's talk about wood to define that in general material that can be obtained from plant stems, a material that man has used for millennia not only to build houses and bridges but also as fuel, for example.

We can divide the types of wood into some categories. There are indeed soft woods and hard woods tanto to begin with. Softwoods are those of conifers, they are so called because, regardless of their real hardness, they are woods obtained from gymnosperms. Hard woods are not necessarily hard, they are so named because they derive from angiosperms, there are two sub-categories: the hard woods of Magnoliopsida (dicotyledons) and the hard woods of the Liliopsida (monocotyledons). In this last section we find for example the Bamboo wood and that of Cocos nucifera.

Types of wood: cherry

Let's start with the finest woods known to us and reachable for us. Let's start with that of Cherry tree, a very widespread wood, even in our country, and which is highly appreciated all over the world. It has a very particular color that is easy to recognize even for non-experts: it tends to pink. It has a shiny appearance, which is why we often find it used for the creation of luxury furniture or fine works. It is difficult not to notice and recognize cherry wood, a beautiful and very expensive wood even if its duration is average.

Types of wood: walnut

Even that of wot it is a type of wood that is highly appreciated and has characteristics that make it unique in its kind. It has and shows off peculiar veins that other woods do not have, its color tends to dark and purple shades appear. We find this type of wood used for the construction of furniture and floors, often also for coatings. Besides being a beautiful wood to look at it is also hard and decidedly resistant, so it is used in the most varied fields.

Types of wood: oak

The oak it is a type of wood that is very common in Italy and particularly loved because it is among the most resistant that can be found. Difficult to work due to its hardness, oak is quite expensive but very beautiful and with a great aesthetic impact. Employed for the making of floors and various coverings, but also luxury furniture.

Types of wood: silver fir

Widespread in Italy as it is throughout Central and Eastern Europe. This type of wood has light colors, its color can vary from white to yellowish. Being easy to work, it is used to make everything: furniture, musical instruments, floors but also windows. Among its most valuable features there is also its great resistance to humidity, which is why it is widely used in construction sector.

Types of wood: beech

Equally widespread as the silver fir, also the Beech wood it is very easy to find in our country as in all of Europe. Its color is different, however, because it tends to reddish and becomes darker as it “ages”. It has good resistance, it is a hard wood but at the same time easy to work, we find it used for furniture and musical instruments.

Types of wood: maple

Maple is a wood that we can really find all over the world. It is particular for its always very light color but that it can tend to yellow or pink, or only to white. Maple has a medium hard wood and not particularly resistant, so it is not considered very valuable, however it is the same used to build both furniture and musical instruments.

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