Borlotto bean: cultivation and varieties

Theborlotto beanit is an easy legume tocultivate, if you are wondering how grow beansor when to plant beans, know that spring is the right time to dispel all your doubts and get to work.

There are many types of beans and the borlotto is among the most popular.

Theborlotto beanit is famous for its seeds, enclosed in white pods flecked with red. Bean pods reach a length of 10-15 cm. Each pod has up to 8 seeds. Now we explain how they are grown.

Borlotto bean

Of borlotti beansthere are several varieties, we speak ofdwarf borlotto bean, lamon borlotto bean, tongue of fire variety… Basically, the care to be devoted to bean plants is always the same, what changes is the type of growth.

Theborlotto beanit is an annual cycle plant whose stems reach and exceed a height of 2 meters inclimbing varieties. Thedwarf borlotto bean, on the other hand, it reaches a height of 35-40 cm, easier to manage for those who don't have much space.

  • Dwarf borlotto variety: limited growth with a height of 35-40 cm. They don't need support networks. Suitable for small gardens.
  • Climbing borlotti beans: high-growing variety, the stems can exceed a height of 2 meters.

The radical apparatus of thebeansare rich intubercles, that is, the structures placed at the terminal level in which bacteria capable of fixing nitrogen, bacteria, live in symbiosisRhizobium leguminosarum. It is precisely for this symbiosis that the beanmust not miss in the rotation ofgarden crops, fromplantbefore or after very nitrogen-demanding crops.

What to grow in the soil where the beans were planted?
Peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, watermelons, cucumbers, pumpkins, courgettes ...

Dwarf borlotto bean

If you want to grow dwarf borlotto bean, you can aim for varieties:

  • Blason borlotto bean
  • Gorgeous
  • Mechanic
  • Borlotto Bean Language of Fire
  • Vigevano

The cultivation cycle is "rather short": it takes about 75 days to get the harvest. You will be able to harvest for 3-4 weeks. The harvest period is almost doubled for climbing varieties.

Planting climbing pinto beans

If you wantplanting runner beans, the most interesting varieties are:

  • Lamon borlotto bean
  • Embers
  • Stregonta
  • Borlotto bean tongue of fire (yes, there is both a dwarf and a climbing variety)

Cultivating climbing beans you will get harvests that last for 6-7 weeks. The cultivation cycle lasts about 90 days.

Borlotto bean: cultivation

All legumes, therefore also ibeans, they want a soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5, of medium texture and preferably loose.

When to plant borlotti beans?
The "suitable" period sees the sowing in the open fieldbetween late March and early April (sowing can be continued until July). Those who live in the North will have to wait until May to sow.

Beforesow, make sure that the risk of has passed completelylate frosts. A more objective parameter to understand when to sow is the temperature. Sow the borlotto bean when the soil temperature never drops below 15 ° C, even at night.

Sowing of dwarf borlotto

Practice ofholes2-4 cm deep. The holes must be placed at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. In each hole, place 3-4 seeds.

Depending on the temperature, plants will take 5 to 15 days to sprout and emerge from the ground.

Grow runner beans

If you wantgrow borlotti beansclimbing type, you need to prepare a support net about 2 meters high. Plant posts about 100-150cm apart and attach the net to the posts. Use wire or electrician's zip ties to secure the net to the posts. Also in this case you can respect a distance between the plants of about 20 cm.


When the plants have reached 25 cm, you can do a first weeding in order to aerate the soil and eliminate the weeds.

Watering should be periodic: you will need to monitor the soil so that you irrigate when it starts to dry out. Watering will need to be more careful during flowering.


After 70 days from sowing (in the case of dwarf borlotto beans) or about 90 days from sowing (in the case of climbing beans), you will be able to make the first harvest.

Harvest once a week when the pods are well developed. Know that pods and seeds do not form simultaneously, this is a good advantage for you because it will allow you to extend the harvest for a good period and always bring fresh beans on the table.

Recipes with borlotti beans

Looking for a recipe? Perfect, then read our recommendations in bean soup and pasta and bean recipes, using, of course, your fresh beans!

  • Fresh pasta and beans
  • Bean soup (skip the soaking step if using your fresh pinto beans)

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