FruttAmaMi 2019: Festival of the Fruits of Nature

After the success of the last edition, an even more interesting program for FruttAmaMi, the festival of the Fruits of Nature dedicated to those who want eating in a healthy and ethical way.

The appointment to mark on your diary right now is for the days of Saturday 13 April and Sunday 14 April 2019. The event will be held at Novotel in Milan, in Viale Suzzani 13, with free entry.

FruttAmaMi: previews on the second edition

The second edition of the event, conceived by Rossella de Focatiis with the scientific contribution of Know. The Flavor of Knowledge, The main theme will be the guided and aware exploration of the new trends in animal-free nutrition, focusing on the energy of food and its powerful values.

The goal is to enhance a healthy diet and to promote lifestyles aimed at increasing eco-sustainability and protection of mankind and the planet.

During the two days of the event, visitors will be able to attend and participate in conferences, debates, reflections, testimonies, show cooking and entertainment events, with a large area intended for ethical exhibitors.

Fruit Love Me, Festival of Fruits of Nature for the body and the environment is ready to amaze its audience also in this second edition, with the glamorous signature of its ambassador, lo starred veg chef Pietro Leemann witness of healthy haute cuisine, engaging live show cooking, content with trendy themes on health and well-being explained by renowned scientists and doctors, selected companies, prestigious guests starting with the guest star on Master Peppe Vessicchio, writer and author of studies on the power of sound as energy for life as well as the famous Peak Performance Coach Roberto Re and many trendy foodbloggers known to the raw & veg public. Institutions and Sponsors will offer free gifts and delicious tastings.

FruttAmaMi is a multidisciplinary Festival that bases its foundations on scientific information to which is added the creative flair of the chef and the wisdom of those who made it a job by transforming the gifts of Mother Earth into food, energy, therapeutic disciplines, natural medicines. , marrying the concept of well-being on the plate and harmony with Nature.

FruttAmaMi is aimed at all those looking for well-being, the curious, those who have married different nutritional choices ranging from fruitarians to fruitarians, vegancrudists and hygienists, to find out more, clarify, clear away prejudices, disinformation and dogmas.

FruttAmaMi: how to register

It is already possible to register as a visitor to skip the line at the entrance at this link: registration-salta-la-fila/

The pre-event press conference is scheduled for Wednesday 3 April 2019 at the Unione del Commercio (patron of the Festival), Corso di Porta Venezia 47 also in Milan.

FruttAmaMi: program

The program of the 2019 edition of FruttAmaMi it is truly very rich with many perfect appointments to satisfy the curiosity of every visitor.

You can read the program with all the appointments on Saturday and Sunday, constantly updated, on this page:

The organizers of “La Salute nel Piatto”: RDF Communication

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