How to have thick eyelashes

How to have thick eyelashes: beauty, health and make-up tips to have perfect eyelashes, more voluminous and denser.

To discover like having thicker lashes is the desire of many women who would like to show off a more penetrating and convincing look. On the other hand, eyelashes are a fundamental part of one's face, and provide a decisive contribution in terms of depth and sensuality to the gaze, giving the impression of lengthening the eye and adding that pinch of femininity that, certainly, does not hurt. .

But how is it possible to have thick eyelashes? How can you give the impression that your lashes are longer? Let's find out together!

Remedies for thicker eyelashes

Let's start by remembering that the "home" methods of giving the impression that the lashes are thicker they are really numerous. For example, a well-known remedy for many women is a mixture that can be well prepared in the home, by combining half an empty bottle of mascara with olive oil (or 100% pure rose water) and cosmetic castor oil for the other half. Apply this compound on freshly removed eyelashes before going to bed: according to some women this remedy is really portentous, while others say that, in reality ... it is useless.

Another remedy that can be well used to thicken the eyelashes is to use another domestic preparation, which can be obtained by combining two drops of lavender essential oil, 20 grams of petroleum jelly and 5 grams of cosmetic castor oil.

Make to lengthen the lashes

If you don't like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexperimenting with these particular compounds on the lashes, you can still use a simple trick: the makeup! The mascara it is in fact a fundamental ally of all women who want to give volume to their lashes, as long as they remember to avoid mascaras that are too liquid, opting instead for those specifically volumizing that you can easily find on the market. And if you want to get a really top result, try to accompany it all with a eyelash primer, with a good base, before mascara.

Another trick is to draw a line of black pencil along the edge of the eye: in this way you will give a greater three-dimensionality to your gaze, and give the viewer the impression that you actually have thicker lashes.

Thickening of the eyelashes

If you believe that the above results are not convincing, or you want to reach the availability of a treatment that once and for all can solve your problems of dull eyelashes, you can try to resort to the so-called thickening of the eyelashes. It is a practice that is extraordinarily widespread today, and that you can obtain in many beauty centers in a safe and relatively cheap way. But what does it consist of?

Simply, the thickening of the eyelashes is a aesthetic treatment which allows the use of small light and synthetic extensions on the lashes, which can be applied individually on the same (or in groups, depending on the technique chosen) with the use of a specific glue.

Moreover, the benefits of using this technique are numerous. In fact, not only will it be possible to lengthen the lashes and make them a little thicker ... but it will also be possible to partially change their color. Generally, thickening involves the application of brown-toned lashes, which can make the thickening the most natural possible. On the other hand, rimmel requires the application of a much more pronounced shade.

How to have thick eyelashes

In principle, there is no absolute preferable remedy to solve the problem of dull eyelashes. In some cases you may be able to get the best results simply at home, through some home remedies we have briefly and partially talked about above. In other cases, it will be necessary to resort to a more invasive technique, at a beauty center authorized to do so.

In any case, there are no "dramas". The eyelash thickening treatment carried out at a beauty center is in fact a non-invasive treatment, which does not provide particular contraindications for those who perform it. A single session is sufficient, lasting just over an hour, which allows the lashes to attach properly and the glue to dry, giving the woman interested in undergoing this kind of operation the impression of having a new and more gaze seductive!

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