Spongia: characteristics and where it lives

The spongia is a homeopathic remedy mainly used in case of problems related to breathing. It can also provide psychological relief, particularly for those with panic attacks at night.
We find it also indicated for thyroid dysfunction treatments which lead to palpitations, dyspnea and flushing, or against coughing.

Spongia: characteristics

There spongia officinalis, this is its scientific name, it belongs to the Spongiidae family and is a protected species, therefore it is forbidden to fish! It can be obtained from sea sponges, as the name suggests, and it is also for this reason that it is a substance rich in iodine and bromine, therefore particularly effective against disorders caused by thyroid dysfunction.

How can we physically imagine it? Like a sponge, in a certain sense, but which can also form quite large expanses, up to a diameter of 40 centimeters, with an irregular shape. The spongia has a soft and fluffy texture but at the same time it is elastic, its external surface is covered by small conules and slightly raised osculi while its skeleton is almost entirely made up of spongin fibers. That is why it is extremely soft.

Inside, the spongia is of yellow color which tends to reddish while on the outside in most cases it is black, but it can also be greyish or whitish, depending on the light that illuminates it.

Spongia: where it lives

It is rare but not impossible to find this substance in the eastern Atlantic but its primary habitat is undoubtedly the Mediterranean one. It chooses the rocky substrates and goes up to a depth of 40 meters.

In recent times, unfortunately, one has been detected sharp decrease in its presence right in its sea, partly attributable to commercial exploitation that has become increasingly intense, but also partly linked to the many epidemics that have decimated the natural populations of sponges. All the more reason we find the Spongia officinalis among the protected species.

Spongia: homeopathy

In homeopathy a "type" is associated with each remedy. That of spongia he has blond hair and blue eyes, he often suffers from panic and in general he approaches life with fear, he stops when he has to make a decision. She may suffer from chronic cough and heart weakness, which prevents her from engaging in healthy physical activity.

To get the Spongia remedy, we start from the sea sponges and clean them, then it is necessary to dry them until their color becomes brown. At this point it is possible to pulverize them and finally extract the mother tincture, the one from which you can then obtain the various homeopathic remedies.

In the spongia a level of therapeutic substances we find iodine, bromine, calcium carbonate, potassium phosphate, silicon and other organic substances. Their main effect is that found on the upper airways, in fact they are able to decrease the pain related to cramps that can occur during breathing, and act directly on the larynx. There Spongia on a psychic level it is a valid help in case of anxiety and agitation while its inorganic salts are excellent in case of mucosal diseases.

Spongia: use

Let's start from its application a psychic level: in this case the spongia works mainly to keep panic attacks that occur during the night at bay. When you take the right dose you may notice a rebalancing of breathing and a decrease in the sensation of suffocation.

Speaking of suffocation, this homeopathic remedy obtained from sea sponges is perfect in case of breathing problems, hoarseness with low voice, spastic, acute or dry cough. It stimulates the production of saliva and can also help when there are cases of heart weakness or inflammatory heart disease.

To summarize the fields of use of the spongia, we find among the main disorders it treats hoarseness, difficulty in breathing when lying down, feeling of suffocation, redness of the face or neck, weakness of heart, violent palpitations with sharp pains, chronic inflammation of the heart valve, exhaustion, heaviness after minimal exertion, palpitations, flushing and dyspnoea. We can also buy this remedy online on Amazon
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