How to organize a perfect wardrobe

Learn how to organize a perfect wardrobe it means understanding what is worth keeping and what is not and what are the objects, clothes and accessories that are needed most often. By organizing a closet, life is also organized a little, so at each change of season you can take advantage of the heavy and hateful effort of having to equip yourself with the right clothes, to cleaning our wardrobe and in our mind. So let's take this moment as an opportunity for ourselves and not just to sort out automatically or, even worse, manic.

We are given a lot of criteria to understand how to organize a perfect wardrobe, there are those who recommend going for colors, some for types, some for sizes or dimensions. I suggest the criterion of functionality. It is important to have what you need at your fingertips and not have to look for it under piles of useless clothes or that we hardly ever use.

Logic, comfort, immediacy are what must guide us when we are to organize a closet, even if it is the kitchen one, let alone the one that contains clothes.

How to organize a perfect closet: decluttering

The first step is to select what we want to keep and what we do not need and that we can give to someone who could be useful if not essential. Let's immediately put ourselves in the order of ideas that if we want to organize it is necessary make choices and not have a closed and conservative attitude. Keeping everything is not better, it is a choice dictated by fear of change and we must get rid of it. This process is called decluttering.

To do this in the best possible way, we completely empty the wardrobe and dress by dress, already while we extract them one by one from the shelves, we are already make a selection setting aside those we don't need or really don't want to keep. Let's divide them into two pinecones, one for the garments that we have to throw away because they may be too damaged, and one for all those clothes that are usable and that we can give to the most needy people.

If a garment is no longer our size, let's not keep it with melancholy and hatred but let's give it away to those who can wear it immediately, without too much reflection or stubbornness.

While doing this, it may happen that we find objects that don't hit anything in our clothes and we will wonder how they ended up here. It doesn't matter, let's focus on put them in a more suitable place without messing up other parts of the house.

How to organize a perfect wardrobe by dividing spaces

Often the wardrobes have dimensions that are frightening and we can get stuck in front of a space that is too large to manage. Fortunately for us, they exist grids for cabinets that help us organize our clothes and also our minds. You can buy them easily, they don't cost much and there are modular, useful and practical ones and also reusable even if you change closet.

Grids are valuable because they save us from having to create clothes that are too tall and not very stable and we can assign categories to each space so that we know where to look, when in a hurry we open the wardrobe to grab a certain dress that we want to put on. Those and no one else.

An alternative to grids are the boxes, in cardboard or plastic. They are perfect especially when it comes to arranging scarves, scarves, belts, socks and underwear, everything that can be lost in a large wardrobe and can end up anywhere, becoming unobtainable. Today we can find some boxes for cabinets also very beautiful aesthetically and in materials that let the contents transpire and do not stink. To tidy up trousers, skirts, jackets and dresses, boxes are not good but hangers are needed, very precious also to ensure that nothing is wasted. Exist hangers of various types, even multiple, we can choose them according to the type of clothes we need to arrange.

How to organize a perfect and fragrant wardrobe

A perfect tidy wardrobe must also be scented. We do not choose a too strong smell, better than essences that recall the idea of ​​freshness. We can then buy scented bags of our favorite fragrance, also excellent for a quick aromatherapy session.

How to organize a perfect and lasting wardrobe

Once the effort is over, we can relax admiring our wardrobe finally in perfect order but let's not forget that commitment and perseverance are necessary so that this effort does not go to waste. With haste and distraction, too the most perfect wardrobe it can become a disaster in a short time, so let's make a good resolution to watch over the created order. As a method, I find it very effective to fix ten minutes each day in which you arrange your clothes, preferably before going to bed, while preparing those for the day that will begin after a few hours.

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