How to fold T-shirts

Knowledge simplifies life in an unimaginable way how to fold t-shirts, I assure you. It seems like a trifle and instead saves time and energy. Very often out of haste or laziness, t-shirts are thrown here and there, in the wardrobe or on a chair, without thinking that they could get spoiled. Then maybe we have to wash and iron them to make them wearable again. It is a great waste of time and also of water. If we take a moment to learn, then it will come naturally to us to fold our shirts and reduce the entropy of our home.
Let's see the most popular methods, action sequences that are really easy to memorize.

How to fold T-shirts in 5 minutes

Let's take one shirt with or without collar, it doesn't matter, this method always works. Let's hold it by the shoulders, turning it towards us, using the thumb and forefinger, and with the other fingers fold the sleeves backwards with a quick and dry gesture. Nearby we must have a flat surface on which to lean, then, to continue.

We spread the shirt face down so that the sides of the shirt are folded by about 2cm, then take it by the collar to fold it back until it matches the hem. The shirt is already folded, really in a flash. If we don't have one flat and clean surface to lean on, we can also make do with our own knees, even if the result is not necessarily so impeccable.

How to fold shirts in length

This time we proceed differently, taking our shirt and immediately folding it lengthwise, halfway up, so that the sleeves match. Once again the sleeves, once superimposed on each other, must be folded backwards towards the collar. Now we take the hem of the shirt and fold it towards the bottom of the sleeves. In the upper part of the shirt we have now concentrated the collar and folded sleeves, let's overlap it with the already folded hem. Finished: the shirt is folded and we can arrange it in the closet.

To use this method it is essential to have support, or almost. Doing everything suspended is really difficult and you risk wrinkling everything. For prevent creases from forming or wrinkles, better fold the shirts as soon as they dry.

How to fold T-shirts with precision

The third method we propose is more complicated but alsomore precise and satisfying results. We take our shirt by the collar, placing a hand on og. shoulder and keeping the front of the shirt facing us.

With your thumbs we tighten the collar on both sides and always with the thumbs we measure in order to identify the exact point in which to fold the shirt in the next step. We need to make sure that about 2 centimeters of fabric remain on each side of the collar to mark the point on which to fold so that the result is symmetrical. When we find the right point with the thumb, we use the other fingers to carry out the fold: the sides of the shirt, including sleeves, must be turned backwards.

If we have done all the steps correctly, we are now facing a rectangle of cotton, but that's not all. We take the base of the shirt and fold it upwards by about 8 centimeters, the remaining part of the shirt should instead be folded upwards so that the first fold touches the collar. If we turn the shirt upside down now, we're done!

How to fold T-shirts with the Konmari method

When it comes to putting in order, it is impossible not to bring up the now legendary Marie Kondo and it is from her that the Konmari method was created. Just folding clothes and shirts in the correct way is an important part of the method and is also a way to "show our affection for them " and “pour our energy into them”.

From a more pragmatic point of view, however, we can say that the Konmari method, like the other methods, they have the primary objective of allowing us to arrange the T-shirts inside the drawers. In this case we place them in a vertical position to be able to recognize them at a glance and not have to waste them all to choose the one we want to wear.

You start folding a shirt normally but then continue on to get a small rectangle that stands up on its own. Only in this way will it be possible to insert our T shirts vertically in a drawer.

How to fold T-shirts: accessories

On line you can find useful accessories for those who must fold many T-shirts very frequently. They don't cost much but they can be a real help, especially if you fold clothes frequently and want to minimize ironing hours. For less than 10 euros we find this practical fold clothes on Amazon which can also be used for other garments than simple t-shirts.

Find very similar accessories, both online and in furniture stores or that they sell Supplies. There are also several to keep the closet tidy. I don't know about you but it often happens to me to put perfectly folded T-shirts on the shelves and then in the daily comings and goings, to waste them unwittingly. In these cases this is therefore perfect cabinet organizer with various dividers (34.3 cm by 29.2 cm) interlocking. This is what you need if you want to stack clothes and store them in the closet without fear of them getting damaged. This handy gizmo not only works with T-shirts but also with foldable board shirts and underwear. Save energy, save time and also save space.

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