Mannite: properties, uses, contraindications and price

There mannite it is also used as a sweetener in slimming treatments and we also find it often proposed, online and in the store, as a food supplement being a substance particularly rich in mineral salts. It is a sugar that has many other properties, including digestive ones, mildly laxative, refreshing and regulating intestinal motility. That's not all: even those suffering from diabetes can take it because it does not alter the glycemic level of the blood despite its very sweet taste. From this point of view, almost deceptive.

Mannite: what is it

Also called mannitol, it is a sugar with low glucose and fructose content. It is a natural substance produced by Ash trees and which has a mildly laxative power to it. To obtain mannite it is necessary to make an incision on the branches of Fraxinus Ornus, a plant that we can commonly also call manna ash or manna tree. It grows in Europe, towards the South, but is widespread above all in Asia Minor.

Let's see how we proceed to extract the manna, or the sap, from the bark of his tree. Small incisions must be created in the transverse direction by proceeding with precise gestures. If we do this we will see a juice flow very slowly, because it is quite thick. At first it will have a cerulean color and an extraordinarily bitter taste but it just needs to come into contact with the air to become much clearer to the eye and much sweeter to the taste in a few minutes. As soon as it becomes solid, it forms gods "Cannoli" and of the "stalactites" which remain whitish and decidedly perfumed.

Today there are not many professionals involved in extracting mannite from trees, their number is constantly decreasing and it seems a profession that is in danger of disappearing. Almost only growers today still know how to cultivate and make incisions on the bark of trunk of the ash tree, among other things, it must be done with a particular knife called mannaruolo, tying a cotton thread where there is the cut, so that it connects the branch to the ground to allow the collection of the manna.

Mannite property

Among the most appreciated properties of this substance are those laxative, even if they are really light. Mannite is in fact known as one of the best natural remedies to combat constipation both in children and in pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is a very particular and appreciated laxative due to the fact that it acts without irritating the intestinal mucosa to cause peristalsis which instead often causes, in other cases, painful contractions.

Mannite is not just a sugar for constipation but boasts numerous others properties including digestive, refreshing and regularizing of intestinal motility. Although it is very sweet, it does not alter the glycemic index, which is why it is particularly suitable for those suffering from diabetes, but not only. Many use it as a sweetener in slimming treatments as a food supplement, being very rich in mineral salts.

Mannite: uses

Mannite can be used as a sugar, as a sweetener or as a supplement. It depends a lot on the format in which you buy it and on the purpose you want to achieve with it. In any case, it is a good-tasting, delicately sugary substance, which is why children not only tolerate it but love it. At any age, it can be taken as an alternative to other laxative drugs, dissolved in any type of drink, including fruit juices.

Mannite: for weight loss

We talked about mannite as a sweetener instead of sugar, and in this case it can help us keep the line. However, we must not confuse its laxative effect with a hypothetical slimming effect. In fact it is one and only a substance belonging to the category of osmotic laxatives. This means that it slows down the fecal mass in the intestine and draws water into the intestine, facilitating it colon emptying. At the intestinal level it is poorly absorbed, therefore it arrives unaltered in the colon and acts there by recalling water. This is how it manages to make stools soft and facilitate evacuation in a gentle way and without irritating the intestine.

Mannite: contraindications

To date one sugar as this does not appear to have any particular contraindication, it is better to specify that it is necessary to use it with a small device. It should be accompanied with a large amount of liquids (water, juices, drinks, milk, etc.), since its mechanism of action is to recall water.

Mannite: price

We find mannite in different formats, with prices that can vary but always quite accessible.
For 6 loaves on Amazon we can spend € 5.85. If, on the other hand, we want to buy a product for children, a food supplement, we spend 18.65 euros for a 100 gram pack.

This is a food supplement of plant origin made from pure ash manna, which favors the intestinal transit of infants and children up to 3 years of age, ensuring rapid, painless and safe evacuation. Fennel, lemon balm and chamomile are also added for the reduction of meteorism, spasms and the typical restlessness due to intestinal discomfort.

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