Itchy hands, the possible causes

What are the possible causes of itchy hands and when this symptom should be contextualized with more attention until seeking medical advice.

The itchy hands it is a rather common and annoying condition, which can present itself in an intense or mild way, and which can sometimes generate concern on the part of those who suffer from it, especially when it presents itself withnight. Itching can manifest itself on the palm than on back of the hand.

Fortunately, the itchy hands can be linked to a serious pathological condition, while very often it is sufficient to make some slight changes to one's habits, or apply some natural remedies, in order to defeat or contain this disorder. But in what way?

Itchy hands: causes and possible diseases

Let's start with causes of itchy hands, which - as we have anticipated - can be really numerous.

Some of these may well be attributed to several skin diseases, which can promote itchy hands: think of dermatitis, contact eczema, viral or bacterial infections, fungi, and so on. Still, itchy hands can be one of the traditional symptoms of other diseases, such as exanthematous ones.

Therefore, if the problem occurs in pediatric age and is accompanied by other typical symptoms of chickenpox, measles, rubella, fourth, fifth and sixth disease ... better go to your pediatrician to make sure of this.

Additionally, itchy hands is often complained of by sufferers diabetes mellitus, and also of those who suffer from liver pathologies, due to the increase in blood levels of bilirubin which also give rise to this annoying condition. If you have people with diabetes or liver problems in your family, a doctor's consultation is strongly recommended.

Obviously, as we said at the beginning, itchy hands cannot always be associated with such specific diseases. Sometimes it can be a consequence of a circulatory problem, even temporary, or can be linked to allergies. Allergic reactions, triggered by many types of substances that come into contact with the skin, can in fact also affect a specific area of ​​the body such as the hands.

Finally, among others causes of itchy hands, we also highlight the possibility that it is a consequence of the use of specific drugs: in this case the discomfort will tend to disappear as soon as the drug treatment is stopped.

Diagnosis of itchy hands

In the event that the itching in the hands is not temporary, or if it is particularly persistent, it will be advisable to consult your doctor or a dermatologist, who can help you identify the cause of the problem and, after having carried out the diagnosis, administer the most useful resolutive treatment.

The diagnosis will generally be made through an anamnesis and a careful physical examination: if necessary, the doctor may also prescribe some in-depth examinations.

Remedies for itchy hands

As you can probably guess already, i remedies for itchy hands they mainly depend on the cause that is causing this discomfort.

For example, if the itching in the hands is caused by a cause that can be linked to a disease such as diabetes mellitus, the problem can be contained by treating the disease that is at the origin.

If, on the other hand, the itchy hands are not linked to a specific pathological condition, or the condition is not known, it is still possible to resort to a series of remedies in order to find better well-being or, at least, to alleviate the disturbance.

Among the best known are the corticosteroids, cortisone-based medicines, to be used only on medical indication, but generally linked to serious conditions, or antihistamines. These drugs (antihistamines) are mainly used in cases where the itching is caused by aallergy.

In fact, the action of antihistamines provides for inhibition of the release of histamine, the substance that is responsible for itching in various allergic and skin diseases. They are also sometimes prescribed antifungals, as long as - of course! - the doctor is well aware that itching is caused by fungal diseases.

Again, remember that if the doctor suspects that itchy hands is a condition linked to specific drugs that you are taking, it will be possible to hypothesize the replacement of the medicine. It will also be possible to hypothesize the application of products such as moisturizing and emollient creams, which can nourish the skin, avoiding dryness, and therefore promoting a better "response" of the skin through the right hydration.

Itchy hands at night

Itchy hands, if it comes at night, could be triggered by psychological discomfort. Our emotional sphere can have a strong impact on the body.

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