How to save on shopping: tips

It seems easy to tell how to save on spending, after all it is about have a firm will and a bit of self-control but then when you are in the departments of a supermarket or, even worse, of a shopping center where the improbable is displayed among the shelves, it always seems that everything can be useful to us, that everything is on offer and that every offer is unmissable. This is why willpower and good intentions are not enough, pragmatic and immediate methods, not too diabolical, are needed to allow us to do not spend more than you should every time you go shopping. Let's see some of them together and, if you have others, suggestions are welcome.

How to save on shopping: what type are you

Before browsing through the various methods together, it is very important to do a little self analysis. Nothing too difficult, but let's try to think locally and think about what shopping means for us and what thoughts go through our heads when we wander through the shelves of a supermarket. Are we stressed out? Are we relaxed? Are we looking for satisfaction? Are we afraid of not getting enough?

Everyone experiences shopping in their own way, there are those who relax and those who think it is a sentence. The assumption from which we start and the state of mind with which we live this experience are two key factors for choice of method to save.

How to save on shopping: list

The most trivial but also the most effective way to avoid wasting money is to make a list of what we need to buy. A list by categories so as not to have to wander through the zigzag departments because in this wandering the chances of falling into temptation increase. Often the spaces and colors are purely designed to distract and attract us, to entice us to buy what we do not need, what is not on the list.

Better one paper list, on which to cross out item by item what we put on our sign, but let's not forget it at home as often happens when we leave in a hurry. It is important, even if many do not think about it, to avoid making the list on an empty stomach because it is unconsciously we would tend to abound and include foods we don't particularly need.

How to save on shopping: labels

Labels aren't just important to the health of our body but also for that of our portfolio. Looking at the ingredients helps us select the best products without being fooled by promotions or slogans. Very often the most important elements are written in small print, so we may also need glasses. No shame, we have every right to know in detail all the characteristics of what we are buying to be sure that our money is well spent.

How to save on shopping: envelopes

They are not a big expense, but they are a useless expense. I refer to thepurchase of envelopes at the cash desk. Isn't it better to bring them from home? What does it cost us? Just remember them, along with the shopping list. It is thus possible to choose envelopes also in canvas, resistant and comfortable to carry, capacious enough for our needs.

How to save on shopping: where to go

It is not true that all supermarkets are the same. If we frequently go shopping by varying the reference supermarket chains we are the first to know. There is a lot of difference in price and product offer, to save money we look for the shop that offers us the widest range of fresh and seasonal products from the area. We also consider discount stores that are not synonymous with low quality. You can find products of excellent quality at a good price, just choose well and carefully read the labels without being influenced by the packaging.

Between supermarkets and discount stores we can manage to save a lot, but the first option should be self-production. Everything that we can prepare at home, starting from bread and soap, let's prepare it without buying it. Surely the raw materials to produce it cost less than the final result.

How to save on shopping: promotions

They are not always deceptive but it is better to approach them with caution, doing the math well. But first, we need to ask ourselves if we really need what they are offering us. Discounted or not, if it is not on our list and it will not be shortly, it is still an extra expense.

How to save on shopping: app

Today there are several apps that support us in our ogoal to decrease our spending in food and hygiene products. There are several to try that allow us in a rather practical way to identify the best offers, the most convenient supermarkets of the moment by type of product and those to avoid.

SavingsSuper takes our shopping list and, item by item, tells us where we can find the cheapest prices. With My Flyer you can browse through a flood of promotional flyers divided by category, from large distribution to electronics, from travel to children's products. All in a geolocalized way.
Also Where is convenient it starts from our position and shows us the nearby shops where we can find savings opportunities. LessPercent it goes one step further: it also geolocates the conventions linked to membership cards, payment cards, loyalty cards, meal vouchers.

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