Lemon Profiteroles

Lemon profitteroles: recipe and variations for a tastier glaze and filling. How to garnish them and how to best serve them.

It is pronounced "lemon profitterol" but it is spelled profiterole! This misunderstanding is very common, so much so that even in some menus, in the list of desserts, we end up reading the termlemon profitterol:) Don't worry, regardless of the correct terminology, today you will have your recipe!

Profitterol with lemon

THE Lemon Profiteroles they represent a very tasty dessert, which can be replicated with a little attention even at home. But how can you make this recipe? What are the secrets to be able to replicate this recipe, perhaps taking advantage of the possibility of customizing some aspects?

Ingredients of lemon profiteroles

Let's start with the ingredients to make our very tasty ones Lemon Profiteroles.

As for the preparation of the cupcakes, let's get 250 grams of water, 250 grams of butter, 250 grams of flour, 500 grams of whole eggs (that's about 8 eggs!), 6 grams of salt. To make our lemon cream we will instead need 100 grams of sugar, 100 grams of butter, 100 grams of lemon juice, 100 grams of lemon yolks, half a vanilla bean.

Finally, in order to realize the Custard Lemon, we can find 350 grams of milk, 150 grams of cream, 180 grams of egg yolks, 150 grams of sugar, 35 grams of corn starch, 2 grams of salt, the peel of 3 lemons and 1 vanilla pod.

Lemon profiteroles recipe

Once you have found the ingredients for the Lemon Profiteroles, we can only move on to the recipe!

The first thing you should do is try to prepare the dough for the cupcakes.

How to make profiterole cream puffs

Start by taking a pan, and pour the water, butter and salt into it: bring everything to a boil and, when it is boiling, and the mixture is melted, pour the flour in a single solution. Stir fairly firmly and vigorously, and leave the mixture on the stove until it comes off the sides of the pan. When it comes off, transfer the mixture into a mixer (or into a bowl, if you don't have a mixer), letting your work cool.

Now move on to mixing the eggs, working the mixture until it is perfectly smooth and sufficiently homogeneous, with the consistency similar to that of a good custard. Put in a pastry bag with a smooth nozzle 1 cm in diameter, and try to form the cream puffs, which should be the size of a walnut (more or less), by placing them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Then bake at 220 degrees, with a preheated and static oven, for about 25 minutes. Once out of the oven, let it cool.

How to make the filling of lemon profitterol

Now that you have the cream puffs ready, you need to commit to prepare the lemon cream, another element on which to pay the right attention to avoid that your recipe "collapses" on itself.

To do this, heat the lemon juice with the grated lemon peel, and separately work the egg yolks with the sugar and salt. Then add the lemon juice, heated and filtered, and put back on the heat and, stirring, bring to a temperature of 80 ° C.

Then remove from the heat and let it cool to 50 ° C. At this point, add the butter into chunks and blend with an immersion blender. Cover with cling film, and leave to cool in the refrigerator.

Once this is done, we must get to the last stages of our recipe and, in particular, with the creation of one Custard Lemon. To make it, start heating the milk with the cream and the last grated lemons and bring to a boil.

Separately, proceed with mixing the egg yolks with the sugar, vanilla seeds, corn starch and salt. Combine the milk mixture and the hot, filtered cream again. Put further on the heat and then stir, to thicken everything. Then transfer to a large container, and cover with plastic wrap to cool.

And now? We have finally arrived at the last step. Now that you have all the useful compounds for your recipe, combine the lemon custard with the custard and transfer it all into a bag. Fill the cream puffs with the cream obtained.

Glaze for profiteroles

The cream puffs can be covered with the remaining cream, together with half a kilo of whipped cream to be diluted with milk to obtain a good consistency, useful for glazing our creation. Dip the cream puffs in the diluted cream and place them in the serving dish.

You can garnish with toasted almond flakes or caramelized lemon pieces. Enjoy your meal!

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