Ostrich eggs, huge and good!

Ostrich eggs are famous for being lelarger eggsthan any other living bird! Are there any eggs larger than ostrich eggs? Not to date. The elephant bird, extinct in Madagascar and the giant bird Moa, extinct in New Zealand, laid eggs larger than those of the ostrich.

Not only is the ostrich egg the largest existing bird egg, the ostrich itself is the largest existing bird: one specimen weighs about 180 kg.

Ostrich: meat and feathers

The ostrich was known in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In one statue, Arsione II of Egypt is depicted on the back of an ostrich.

Over time, ostriches have played different roles for humans. It is sad to say, but in the 17th century, ostriches were hunted to the point of extinction. In the nineteenth century, ostriches aroused great interest in feathers and the production of hats, dusters and jackets with ostrich feathers. It was 1892 when, in Florida, ostriches became one of the most popular attractions for sporting events: the ostrich race. Ostriches were ridden in the same way as horses. In some countries, “running ostriches” are still selected today.

For the growing interest, in the twentieth century there was a boom in ostrich farms with more than 700,000 heads raised in captivity. The market for ostrich feathers collapsed after the First World War and so the focus shifted back to meat.

Ostrich meat has spread widely, especially in the Americas, since the 1970s. Ostrich meat has a dark red color, darker than beef, from a nutritional point of view, it is low in fat and cholesterol, it is rich in calcium, protein and iron.

Ostrich eggs

The female lays a good number of eggs, in addition, among the ostriches, there is the "culture" of the shared nest. The mates of the same male provide to lay eggs in the same nest, thus, in an ostrich nest it is possible to find even more than 20 gigantic eggs!

We made a comparison between goose eggs and chicken eggs. We have explained to you that a goose egg is equivalent, in quantity and size, to two medium-large chicken eggs. Well, a singleostrich egg, for hissizeenormous, is equivalent in quantity to25 chicken eggs!

The diameter of theostrich eggit ranges from 10 to 16 cm with a height of 15 to 19 cm. A single ostrich egg can weigh between 800 and 1500 grams (equivalent to 23 - 25 chicken eggs).

In short, with a singleostrich eggyou can make a huge omelette! The ostrich egg is much loved for its use in the kitchen but, in reality, it is more sought after for its symbolism and for its uses in decoupage. The shell, in fact, is used in various artistic creations.

Unlike goose eggs, which can be easily found at farmers' markets,ostrich eggs are harder to find.

And the flavor?
If the goose egg has a more intense flavor than the classic chicken egg, the ostrich egg has a more delicate flavor. It lends itself well to any recipe and if you want to enjoy it at its best, you can make it scrambled!

Do you want to cook a hard boiled ostrich egg?
Here the cooking times are long. To make a hard-boiled ostrich egg you will need to boil the egg for up to 100 minutes!

Ostrich eggs: where to find them

Where to buy an ostrich egg? In Italy there are very few ostrich farms, try to contact them personally to see if retail sale is possible. How much does an ostrich egg cost? A fresh ostrich egg, to be consumed, can be bought with a price between 10 and 25 euros.

Once purchased, to keep the shell intact and use it as a piece of furniture, the contents (egg white and yolk) can be extracted from a single hole made with a drill or screwdriver. Know that the ostrich egg shell is very hard and is about 3 mm thick, you can make a single 10/12 mm hole using a drill / screwdriver with a metal tip, from the hole, then, you can empty it of the contents.

If you need the ostrich egg for decorative purposes, the price range can widen a lot, on "this Amazon page" you can find various proposals. There is no lack of natural ostrich eggs or ostrich eggs treated with resins or painted.

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