Turmeric and Piperine: properties and use

Turmeric and Piperine they are a spice and an alkaloid with beneficial properties in order to promote digestion and regulate body weight.

Turmeric: what it is and what are its properties

There Turmeric it's a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family. The variety used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy is the Curcuma Longa which arises spontaneously in the tropical and subtropical climate regions of Asia and Africa, with large leaves that can reach 45 centimeters in length and flowers collected in a pseudo-inflorescence.

The properties of turmeric derive from a substance called curcumin contained in it and are many: purifying action for the liver, antioxidant, blood thinning up to possible anticancer properties as curcumin is able to block an enzyme guilty of promoting different types of cancer.

Turmeric also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and has beneficial effects against joint pain and arthritis. Its protective capabilities have also been recognized as an antioxidant capable of fighting the action of free radicals that lead to cell damage and consequent aging.

Piperine: what it is and what are its properties

There piperine it's a Piper nigrum alkaloid (the common pepper) and is used to regulate body weight as it is able to promote thermogenesis, that is the set of processes that lead our body to produce heat and therefore to promote the consumption of calories and weight loss .

Piperine also has the benefit of promoting digestion due to its ability to stimulate the production of saliva and the secretion of gastric juices with the consequence of optimizing the absorption of substances contained in food by the intestinal walls.

Piperine is also capable of stimulating skin pigmentation and for this reason it is often one of the components used in topical creams.

Turmeric and Piperine: combined benefits

L'combined intake of turmeric and piperine can have enhanced beneficial effects, such as an improvement in mood, due to increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, an improvement in memory thanks to a more efficient neurotransmission of substances such as serotonin and beta-endorphin, and an improvement in immune system, avoiding excessive responses of lymphocytes in case of infections.

Turmeric and Piperine: how to take them

Taking turmeric and piperine directly, by consuming high amounts of spice and ... pepper is clearly impractical.

For this reason, capsule supplements in which the active ingredients have already been combined by the manufacturers are helpful.

Among the quality products available on the market we would like to point out, for example, the supplement with Turmeric and Piperine proposed by NaturPlus on this page with a pack of 60 capsules at a price of 24 Euro.

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