Sunday walking on the Forgotten Railways

Sunday walking on the Forgotten Railways

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A good program for Sunday 2 March is a walk on the Forget Railways taking advantage of the events organized in all regions of Italy. In fact, Sunday is celebrated 7th Day of the Forgotten Railways and the organizers of Co.Mo.Do - Confederation of Sweet Mobility - welcomed the proposals of numerous initiatives.

To choose your program go to the website of Forget Railways after reading this article (at the bottom you will find the link) select The National Day from the menu, click on the region and choose from the proposed programs.

On foot, by bike and even on horseback. Behind every single event of the Day of the Forgotten Railways there is a local association (whose references you can find) to which you can possibly ask for more information if you do not find it on the site. Since this is the week edition, the organizational machine is definitely tested.

There Day of the Forgotten Railways is one of the initiatives, not the only one, organized by Co.Mo.Do. since it was set up, that is from 2006. The aim of the Confederation is to promote a soft mobility network through the recovery not only of disused railway sections but also of embankment roads and historical routes, the integration of public transport with the network of hospitality and separation of the ordinary road network dedicated to polluting vehicles.

Another important initiative of Co.Mo.Do. is the petition for the maintenance of railway lines closed to traffic. Unfortunately, the problem is current: after the stop to the haemorrhage of railway lines following the years of mass motorization (and in which indeed the reopened railways have overcome the closures) the economic crisis is affecting rail infrastructures and since December 2011 traffic passengers ceased on about a thousand kilometers of railroad.

Some of the Forget Railways, but here it is appropriate to say suppressed, they are authentic jewels. For example the Sulmona-Castel di Sangro, the highest Italian railway, the Mortara-Casale-Asti, interrupted due to a landslide near Moncalvo, or the Castellamare-Gragnano, abandoned only because some level crossings were not liked by some. local administrators. There is also, among others, the Caltagirone-Gela railway, opened in 1979 and therefore not old, interrupted due to the collapse of a bridge that has never been restored.

Sign the petition for the maintenance of closed railway lines

Video: Walking u0026 Exploring the Disused Railways of Welbeck Colliery (May 2022).


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