McLaren Venge, the hitech bike

McLaren Venge, the hitech bike

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In recent years, technological advancement has been damn fast! Among the prominent sectors of these innovations we see the cycling one where the carbon fiber has taken over. Thus bicycles have become an aerodynamic and high-tech tool. Not only high technology but also luxury, this is the case with McLaren Venge, it sounds like the name of a car but it is a full-fledged bike.

There McLaren Verge it's a hardcore bike, expensive but also extremely fast, agile and with an attractive look. It is cycling's response to supercars that reveal this are the wheels and aggressive paintwork. Too bad that only those who have 6,000 extra dollars can buy it since it costs around 5,000 euros.


It was born as Road bike, compliant with uci regulation. With its shapes, it enhances the lightness, rigidity and aerodynamics of transport on the pedals. The frame weighs only 950 grams and was developed using the most modern software used in the Formula 1. His version S-Works sees a weight reduction of 10-15%.

To ensure maximum strength and resistance, the carbon fiber structure uses special internal reinforcements that allow it to withstand the most extreme stresses so as to improve power transfer.


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