Ecotourism in Sicily

Ecotourism in Sicily

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Thetourismis one of the sectors that has a harmful impact on the environment, which is why in recent times attention has grown oneco-tourismwith the need to researchaccommodationswith low environmental impact and more conscious travel styles.

L'eco-tourismhas the aim of preserving all the natural resources that constitute the raw material of the sector over time. While we wait for accommodations to offer us low-impact accommodations, it is thetouristto have to make a difference. For example, a tourist who wants to explore theSicilymust be very careful in choosing theaccommodationand places to visit.

ThereSicilyit is the largest region of Italy. Every year millions of tourists come to the island to visit it. In recent years theSicilyhas begun to enhance its enormous natural heritage, becoming one of the most sought after destinations in Italy. In this regard, theSicilybegan to propose a form ofmore responsible tourism: the turning point came from small organizations and associations.

An example is given byYour Sicily, an association of agricultural and social cooperatives and recovery communities for people with disabilities. Not only associations but also organizations and large initiatives: a few years ago in Sicilya project funded by the European Community called Evimed, Balance of life in the Mediterranean thus creating an environmental brand that manages to distinguish some more virtuous structures.

Who wants to embraceecotourismand is looking for aaccommodationfor the next holidays inSicily, will do well to choose structures belonging to the Evimed Sicily Product Club. More than 20 local structures have joined. Among accommodationsthat promoteecotourism in Sicily, opened its doors aEco-Resortrespectable, it is the Resort Village "Mari del Sud" which represents a tangible example of low impact architecture. The resort in question is located in Vulcano, in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands.

To embrace theecotourism just ask a few questions to the manager of the facility where you intend to stay. When choosing your destination, enter environmental criteria, discriminate againstaccommodationchosen according to the policies of the Resort, inquire about the following points:

  • Commitment to the reduction of waste produced and to eco-compatible disposal;
  • Commitment to reduce water consumption;
  • Energy saving;
  • Promotion of a healthier diet
  • Enhancement of the local gastronomic tradition;
  • Incentives for collective transport;
  • Commitment to the spread of low-impact means of transport.

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