How to season pasta

Pasta is always pasta, a great made in Italy goodness that the whole world envies us. It also does a lot though how to season pasta, because the secret of taste can be hidden in the sauce. It doesn't have to be a difficult recipe, among the best pasta in the world there are also very simple ones and it is often said that to understand if a chef is really good at cooking, it is necessary to taste how you cook pasta with tomato sauce, with tomato and basil. Simple, that never lies. Having said that, we can range from the thousands and more recipes that exist and also invent new ones to learn how to season pasta and offer it to our guests, as well as to ourselves.

How to season pasta with vegetables

There are many pasta-based dishes that can also be good for those who follow a vegetarian diet because they are seasoned with vegetables. Let's take for example the classic pesto with all its variations. There is the pistachio pesto but also the rocket pesto, to be prepared by chopping a small bunch of rocket with 5 almonds, a little oil, salt, pasta cooking water. Another pesto, always green and always good, is the spinach one with fresh spinach, oil, salt, parmesan and a little water.

We can also prepare a mixed sauce of mixed vegetables, with those left over in the fridge, turning them into very fine cubes to be sautéed in a pan with garlic and oil and then spread with a tin of peeled tomatoes. If we prefer, we can instead choose vegetables that we particularly love.

In fact, the sauces based on zucchini and aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, but we also find some with leeks, combined with a small sage leaf and parmesan, with broccoli, to be combined with cherry tomatoes, anchovies and black olives, with onions, together with a tin of peeled tomatoes and a sage or bay leaf, with rocket, and cherry tomatoes, with potatoes, with green beans, to fry with peeled tomatoes and garlic, or with chickpeas to be sautéed with garlic, parsley and tomato.

With vegetables we find very simple sauces such as those based on garlic and parsley or olives and capers, and also with peeled tomatoes, to be fried with onion, carrot and celery, oil, basil and salt;

How to season pasta with meat

If they also eat meat, we have many interesting sauces to prepare and taste, based on cold cuts but also sausage. Let's start from the latter to begin the carnivorous roundup. Sausage can be a condiment in itself if sautéed with two ripe tomatoes, garlic, oil and chilli, or it can be combined with other delicious ingredients.

We find the sausage with leeks, the sausage associated with mushrooms, as for pizza, and then always the sausage, in more creative recipes. For example with cream and saffron or with zucchini and scamorza. In this last case we fry the sausage and courgettes in a pan, drain the pasta, season it with the sauce and finally add the grated scamorza.

We also find the sausage together with vegetables such as cabbage and leeks, or pumpkin. Enough sausage, let's move on to frankfurters, to be mixed with peeled tomatoes, or other cold cuts. With the ham you prepare the very classic cream, ham and mushroom pasta, or the pasta only cream and raw ham, or cream, cooked ham and peas which also children like very much.

Among the cured meats, there is also the spicy salami to dress pasta, or speck, together with pumpkin, or pancetta, to be associated with spinach. Very easily we can also think of a quick sauce by tossing mixed minced meat in a pan with a very fine sauté of carrot, onion and celery and oil.

How to season pasta with fish

Let's move on to fish with which superfine dishes are obtained but not always easy to prepare. With the salmon we can cook the zucchini while the anchovies pair very well with both oranges and breadcrumbs, once they are sautéed in oil with the addition of breadcrumbs.

Based on fish, very easy to prepare pasta with tuna, with red onion and capers, or pasta with frozen cod, garlic, parsley and a drop of milk. Let's move on to more refined recipes such as that of pasta with chickpeas and clams or with beans and mussels. The most refined and least intuitive is the recipe for pasta with mackerel and first salt, together with fresh tomatoes and chopped parsley;

How to season pasta with creativity

A touch of creativity is the key ingredient to obtain a good pasta dish. So here are some interesting recipes from which you can take inspiration. Let's start with the breadcrumb pasta, with a spoonful of tomato paste, or with pasta cream and saffron.

The carbonara and the pasta with cheeses, with gorgonzola, taleggio, fontina, toma or other cheeses to taste, but among the best I want to mention the one with lemon and poppy seeds.

Continuing the roundup of interesting and unusual toppings, the one with the friggitelli, carbonara with peas, pasta with salmon and tomato or with feta and spinach. Continuing we can also taste condiments such as fried aubergines and mint, with speck and spring onions, with leeks, white cabbage and carrots or with celery and walnut pesto.

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