Names for female dogs

THE names for female dogs they are not easy to choose, you risk appearing too sweet or not being able to identify a name that the dog can easily recognize. All this not to mention that mediations and compromises often have to be made because it happens that the various members of the family want different names for female dogs and it is difficult not to hurt anyone.

We will also see how to move in these cases putting in front of all the good of our dog which must have a name that is at least dignified and easy to intercept.

Names for female dogs: how to choose

Always give the name to a living being it is an important gesture, steeped in even hidden meanings, so let's take the time we need to decide well, but taking into account that if you spend too much time the puppy could feel lost and then struggle to learn his name.

To get inspired you can look at the names of some famous dogs or choose an area of ​​personal interest, such as cinema, physics or American literature, to search within it for some suitable name for a dog.

However, there are criteria to be respected a priori and which are linked to a need for canine education and practicality.For example, it is better to choose a short name, preferably with a maximum of two syllables, easier to learn and also to pronounce with a firm tone. Since then at least we will have to train the dog at least, we do not choose names that are in assonance with the key commands such as "Sitting", "halt" "no". Still with regard to assonance, we avoid names that may have a pronunciation similar to that of proper names of other members of the family. If there is a Sara, let's not call the dog Lara, otherwise it will create a lot of confusion.

Once we have chosen the name, we do not use diminutives or variants, at least for the first time, in order to allow our ligia dog time to learn when we are talking to her firsthand.

Disney female dog names

If we have children or grandchildren at home, we can choose, for example, names taken from cartoons, nothing prevents us from doing it even if we are of age and vaccinated, without children but we love the genre. Here are some interesting ones, avoiding personal names that can create embarrassing homonyms.

There is Anastasia from Cinderella and Ariel as the Little Mermaid, or Bonnie from Toy Story and Boo from Monsters & Co .. Continuing in alphabetical order we find Charlotte (The Princess and the Frog), Colette (Ratatouille) Dory (Finding Nemo), Edna (The Incredibles), EVE (WALL- E), Kala (Tarzan), Kiara (The Lion King II), Kida (Atlantis), Megara (Hercules), Nakoma (Pocahontas), Nani (Lilo & Stich), Riley (Inside out), Wendy (Peter Pan) and Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove).

Names for mythological female dogs

Another option involves taking a cue from mythology, not only from the Greek one but for example from the Nordic one that suggests for example Frigg, Wife of Odin, queen of Olympus, goddess of fertility and love, Hela, Goddess of the Underworld who guards the residence of the dead, Nótt, Personification of the night, and Freya, Princess of Sweden, goddess of fertility, love and beauty. In particular, there are two Valkyries to be inspired by, Brunhilde and Hnoss. Hnoss means “jewel” because she is the most beautiful Valkyrie.

Even Egyptian mythology gives us many ideas for the name of our dog. Let's start from the main activities by choosing the most suitable ones such as Isis, Goddess of motherhood, of fertility and magic, Maat, Personification of truth, justice and the cosmic order, Anubis, with the appearance of a man with a dog's head, god-jackal protector of the kingdom of the dead, and Min, God of the Moon, fertility. Also from Egypt we can collect interesting suggestions such as Geb, the land of men, Tebas, the capital of Ancient Egypt, Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt. And then you, Cleopatra.

We end the roundup with the names of Greek mythology, the best known. In this case we have for example Hestia, virgin deity of the hearth and of the house, had no children, Hera - Sovereign of Olympus, patron goddess of marriage, conjugal fidelity and childbirth, Aphrodite, Goddess of love and desire, and Demeter, Goddess of fertility and agriculture. If we don't want a "goddess" dog we can call her Nymph, a beautiful and young divinity often linked to water sources, Maia, Mother of Hermes, one of the Pleiades, Iris, Goddess of the rainbow, Sappho, ancient Poetess, and Callisto, Nymph with whom Zeus falls in love.

Names for female dogs: Milk & Honey

I too recently found myself choosing names for two little dogs, the same age but not sisters. A sweet and tremendous Labrador and a lively and educated mestizo dog that looks a lot like a Maremma shepherd. Having to live together, I wanted two names that would refer to each other and absolutely avoid "human" names. I evaluated the names of queens and fairies, names of scientists and princesses, then I looked at the color of the fur of the two (ex) puppies and I quickly decided. Milk "the white" and Honey "the other, beige". Like it or not, they are names that they understand and that remind me of a wonderful work of contemporary poetry. The author is Rupi Kaur, his work is unmissable, I recommend it.

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