Garden parasites, natural remedies

Garden parasites, natural remedies: how to eliminate fungi, viruses, insects and all organisms that damage the garden using natural remedies.

There are manyparasiteswhich, in a short time, can destroy your crop. On this page we will look at the classicsgrandmother's remediesto remove thegarden parasitesin a natural way.

In the cultivation of a small home garden, prevention made with natural remedies is the best way toprotect crops from parasites.There are agricultural practices that discourage insect and other infestations garden parasites:

  • the practice of synergistic agriculture
    In the synergistic garden, no chemical pesticides are used, nor prepared because the soil and vegetation, if managed wisely, create a balanced situation that naturally discourages any type of infestation.
  • Grow different vegetables in common spaces
    To decide which plants to grow, it is possible to rely on the principles of intercropping vegetables in synergistic agriculture.
  • Cleaning the garden
    Always eliminate sick branches, garden cuttings, weeds ... Do not leave anything to pulp and above all space the plants so that each vegetable can benefit from the right amount of air.
  • Pruning
    If you have a small orchard or ornamental plants in your garden, remember to carry out the appropriate pruning works.

Vegetable parasites, natural remedies

In addition to the good cultivation practices listed above, there arenatural pesticidesisDIY pesticidesthat we can use to eliminate insects, fungi and other pathogens that cause diseases in the garden.

- Repellent plants

There are plants that work likenatural repellentsfor insects harmful to the vegetable garden and thegarden. These plants can be planted along the perimeter of the vegetable garden or garden. It is aboutLemongrass(it should be pruned low so as not to produce shade for the crops in the garden or the lawn in the garden), Calendula (it should be planted in full sun)catnip(a variant of catnip that can repel various parasitic insects, very useful especially in the garden).

- Natural pesticide based on garlic

Garlic is widely used in organic and biodynamic agriculture with ad hoc preparations such as infusions and decoctions to be sprayed directly on the plants. All information on using garlic to protect the garden from parasites is available in the article dedicated togarlic as a pesticide.

- Natural remedies against the green bug in the vegetable garden and in the garden

Green garden bugs can be removed with various natural remedies. All information:Green bedbugs, how to keep them away

- Pyrethrum, the most used pesticide in organic agriculture

Pyrethrum is an insecticide allowed in organic farming, however we recommend using it with caution because its effect is wide-ranging.

There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder, spray or concentrated liquid solution, to be diluted with water before use. L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based can be purchased at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a package of Solabiol Piretro Actigreen Bio is offered on Amazon at a price of € 15.25 with free shipping. For all the info, I refer you to the official Amazon product page: Actigreen Bio Liquid solution. It is effective in eliminating plant lice, caterpillars, ants, green bugs and others garden insects, parasites and not.

- Natural preparations

The decoction of nettle and the infusion of horsetail are two very useful preparations for garden care. These are two ancientgrandmother's remediesto eliminate parasites from the garden. For the preparation and effectiveness of this natural remedy, we refer you to the page dedicated tonatural pesticides.

Garden parasites, natural remedies with homemade pesticides

In the article dedicated tohomemade pesticides we have seennatural remedies against garden insectsWhich:

  • mites
  • powdery mildew
  • plant lice
  • worms
  • aphids
  • mealybugs
  • snails
  • fungal diseases
  • molds

In addition, we have listed several in our columnsnatural remediesspecific according to the disease that afflicts your garden. To give you some examples:

  • Treat plants affected by hail
    The article offers products allowed in organic farming to prevent and treat garden diseases caused by fungi.
  • Grape gray mold
    In the small vineyard adjacent to the vegetable garden, here's how to get rid of gray mold.
  • Mold in the garden
    Prevention and treatment for powdery mildew and downy mildew.

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