How to eliminate mucus

How to eliminate mucus

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How to eliminate mucus:natural remedies to loosen the mucus of the nose and throat. How mucus is created and many useful tips to treat phlegm.

Let's start with this:how mucus is created?

Themucusorcatarrh, is a substance secreted by the respiratory mucosa itself, which is why it can accumulate in the nose and throat. In special cases, the muchi can also accumulate in the lungs or settle on the vocal cords. It is no wonder that, when you have problems with phlegm in the throat, you also have vocal cord disorders with difficulty speaking and a hoarse or low voice.

As a rule, imuchithey are always present in the respiratory tract and perform a protective and lubricating function. Themucus, in fact, it is a viscous substance produced by the respiratory mucous membranes to capture external particles and facilitate their expulsion. Under normal conditions, our body produces 20 to 100 ml of mucus every day.

The production of muchi increases abundantly in certain pathologies: in non-physiological situations our organism can produce from 400 to 500 ml per day of muchi which, depending on the case, can be more or less viscous. Generally, with the termcatarrh, indicates a high quantity of muchi.

When the mucuses are very dense they are more difficult to expel and can become an impediment to normal respiratory activity and also trigger a fat cough.

Fortunately, there is no shortagenatural remediesto counteract and remove the phlegm.

How to eliminate mucus with natural remedies

First of all, let's make it clear that it existscatarrhis…catarrh. THEmuchi, in fact, they can be generated by a simple cold or by much more serious problems such as chronic bronchitis. In case of persistent phlegm, it is best to consult your doctor. On this page we will seehow to dissolve and eliminate phlegmlinked to a simple cooling and above all by exploiting remedies of plant origin with expectorant properties.


Infusions based on thyme, lime, eucalyptus and mint can be a good remedy to dissolve mucus and facilitate its elimination. Among these, eucalyptus and thyme can be very useful. The mint infusion can be useful when a cold also causes headaches and in case of heavy digestion. For all information, please read the article dedicated toproperties of the mint infusion.


Strongly advised, especially based on essential oils. Also in this case we recommend the extracts of thyme, lime, eucalyptus and mint with a particular focus on eucalyptus and thyme.

Thyme essential oil is rich inthymol; this active ingredient is a very powerful natural antiseptic and is a compound used in various industrial fields, probably there are many products in your cabinets that include thymol among the ingredients! This compound is used for making mouthwashListerineand other disinfectants. Thymol is excellent for fighting colds and exerts an expectorant action.

To maximize the expectorant action of the essential oil of thyme, it is good to prepare a fumigant combined with thyme and eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus essence is renowned for itspropertybeneficial that it exerts in case of colds, sinusitis and other respiratory tract disorders. It has a soothing, balsamic action and is an excellent decongestant.

Thyme essential oil, where to find it:
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