How to cut a cat's nails

How to cut a cat's nails: detailed instructions forcut cat nails without risk to the health of the feline.

The care to be devoted to catthey are not just about feeding food and water. We must pay attention to the food and objects with which the cat comes into contact to avoid zoonosis, just as it is essential to respect the good rules for the prevention of toxoplasmosis infection. Among the other treatments to be dedicated to the feline there is the control of nails.

Cat with long nails

If the cat has too long nails, these will tend to curve in on themselves and create many problems for the cat. When the gasso nails are too long, the safety of the cat's paw is at risk. The cat's nail grows re-curved on itself, so the tip of the nail will eventually touch the lower part of the fingertip ending it to hurt andalways incarnating. The cat may experience pain and difficulty in walking and will face an inevitable finger infection and possiblezoonoses.

This situation is quite common in cats, especially when kept mainly indoors. Not everyone knows, in fact, that the cat's nails must be cut.

When to cut cats' nails?

It is not possible to determine a fixed time interval. Much depends on the cat's diet and lifestyle. An apartment cat that leads a sedentary lifestyle will be more prone to developing long, clipped nails. A cat that lives in the garden or moves to the countryside will havewearing out nailsnaturally with a periodic detachment of the external horny cases of the nail.

To understand when to cut cat nails, it is good to observe the paws of the cats and continue only when the nail is long.

How to cut a cat's nails

If the nail has already penetrated the fingertip, we recommend that you contact your veterinarian to carry out the operation correctly. The reason? The vet will treat any wounds or ulcers caused by long nails that have torn the skin by rubbing the fingertips.

If the situation isn't that tragic, you cancut the cat's nailsin full autonomy.

Nippers for cutting nails

Forcut cat nailsyou need a special scissors, more correctly it is a "cutter". You can buy it at pet stores or by taking advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, among the products with the best value for money I point out a pair of rather sturdy and useful clippers for cutting nails on cats or dogs. They are robust therefore very long-lasting. The price is € 9.40 with free shipping. For all the info on the nippers, I refer you to the official product page: Nippers for animals.

Cat nails: how to cut them

Once you have purchased the clippers, this will be used whenever the nails appear too long and curved. Only the lighter part of the cat's claw should be cut, without cutting the pink part which, being sprayed, could cause a small hemorrhage.

So if when you cut your cat's nails they lose blood, know that you will have to disinfect with hydrogen peroxide and a cotton swab ... and you will have to cut them less short because you are cutting off a sprayed part!

The cut is not always "very clear" if the thickness of the nails is high. Anyway, when you cut, try to follow a 45 ° angle and keep yourself one millimeter away from the sprayed pink part.

How do you cut your cat's nails?

  1. Maintain your kitten's paws.
  2. Apply light pressure so that the cat can express the claw in its entire length.
  3. With the nail extended to the maximum, cut only the part of the claw not sprayed.
  4. Use special clippers and cut the nail following a 45 degree angle as shown in the image above.

If, unfortunately, you find yourself cutting your cat's nails too short, you will notice that they bleed. In this case, dab the nail with a wad of hydrogen peroxide and monitor the paw until it stops dabbing. Obviously, the next nails regulate the cut better. The cat must not have very short nails, simply the claw must not fold back on itself.

To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you keep the cat outdoors, encourage walks and maybe let him have fun in the garden. As stated, if your cat is active enough (perhaps if you live in the countryside) the nails wear out in full autonomy.

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