Yorkshire Terrier: character, price and origins

Yorkshire Terrier, a small dog, for a purse, but who makes a great company. It is among the favorites of the over 65s and takes its name from the English county of the same name where the first specimens and the first farms began to be born.

Yorkshire Terrier: origin

It is rumored that one of the main ancestors of the Yorkshire Terrier both Huddersfield Ben, a dog dating back to 1865, but the breed is then the result of a series of successive crossings. Crosses that could involve the "Clydesdale", a now extinct breed similar to the "Skye terrier", or the "Maltese.

Today it Yorkshire Terrier it is popular throughout Europe and also in the U.S.A. but in the second half of the 19th century we find it in the English county of Yorkshire, in full bloom of the textile industry. This dog was the companion animal and anti - rodents of the workers. Both of the workers of the cotton and wool factories, where he made the rats that threatened the bales of wool escape, and of the miners of the coal mines.

The small size of the Yorkshire Terrier they were perfect so that one could easily slip into the narrowest tunnels in search, on the hunt, of stinking rodents that put the poor workers already exhausted by the harsh working conditions in difficulty.

Yorkshire Terrier: appearance

The long hair, which falls straight and symmetrical along the body is one of the main characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier "Divided" by a parting that goes from the nose to the tip of the tail. The physical of this small dog, maximum 3 kg, it is compact and proportionate.

He has an upright gait, quick but dignified and elegant movements, a lively eye in a compact head with a black nose at the tip. The eyes appear very bright, dark: they express in Yorkshire Terrier all his lively intelligence. The ears protrude from the hair, V-shaped, straight upright, with little hair, while on the tail the hair is abundant, of a darker blue than on the rest of the body, especially on the tip.

The mantle of the Yorkshire Terrier it is quite long on the whole body or almost and never wavy or woolly, rather, it is silky. On the head the hair is long, reddish golden intense but does not reach the neck where the color is darker. This breed has no undercoat, this means that the dog's allergens are greatly reduced making it Yorkshire Terrier a perfectdog for allergy sufferers. The steel blue color of this breed is superficial, underneath, on the belly and legs, reddish appears, but they do not mix, each hair has its own color.

Yorkshire Terrier: character

Active and intelligent like many Terriers, it is Yorkshire Terrier it's a excellent companion and apartment dog, for retirees but also for families. He loves the company, the cuddles, the sofas on which to be next to his beloved master. Not a long walk dog, it is Yorkshire Terrier, even if he is active, he runs around the house, plays, jumps, participates like few other dogs in family life.

As an education, it Yorkshire Terrier he is an easy dog ​​to train, not stubborn, at times he can be aggressive with those he does not know, never with his own family. It is to be interpreted more as a sign of fear, it puts itself on the defensive, than as a willingness to attack or fight. Also given its size. Indeed, they also get along well with other domestic species, including cats.

Yorkshire Terrier: puppies

The average life of one Yorkshire Terrier is about 12 - 15 years old: whoever takes a puppy must think they can love it for so long and without limits. Yes, because it is a dog that wants so much care, so much attention, many pampering and continuous contact. If he doesn't get enough, he can develop behavioral problems: excessive barking, chewing, and digging into the earth.

It is better from a puppy to establish a harmony, a harmonious coexistence that lasts as long as possible and as quietly as possible. Even a puppy, it Yorkshire Terrier he does not need to do a lot of physical activity: a few walks and then he has fun and plays at home too.

Yorkshire Terrier Toy

It already weighs about 3 kg, but there are also Pocket Yorkshire Terrier (called in English "teacup", or "teacup"). It is not an official breed but they are ultra-selected specimens to be… toy. They come to weigh from 450 g to 1.5 kg as adults, they are really micro, very small dogs, once they grow up.

The size of the adult dog can only be assessed at the time of birth. It is a questionable practice, this of the selection of Yorkshire Terrier Toy in a breed that is already minimal in size, because it goes to the detriment of his health and could lead to higher medical costs, as well as a significant decrease in average life expectancy.

Yorkshire Terrier: price

A puppy of Yorkshire Terrier, returning to its normal size, it has a price that varies on average from 600 to 900 euros. Online offers are also available at 300, to be evaluated with great care. Of course it is a very widespread dog and the competition is high, not to mention that sells like hot cakes among pensioners,not in the true sense of the word, of course.

As a kind of dog, it is Yorkshire Terrier, once taken, it is not exactly at no cost: it requires care and attention, for hair and health, for nutrition and, the young gentleman, often spoiled by the owners even in toys. In the winter season, it often makes people want to a coat and a raincoat.

How then to deny it a pet carrier for longer trips and family holidays? The Yorkshire Terrier is a faithful and lively companion, great company but also large expenses considering the tonnage.

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