Craving for sweets, causes and healthy alternatives

Craving for sweets, causes and healthy alternatives

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Craving for sweets: causes and consequences. Here are some tips and foods that can minimize this impulsive need to eat sweets.

How many times do we have an unbridled desire to eat a whole bar of chocolate or sweet foods! Yet this habit is not at all healthy for our body. We are talking about foods with an almost zero supply of nutrients for our body and that promote obesity.

How to curb the craving for sweets

To curb the excessive consumption of sweets, just follow a few small precautions. We can reflect on the consequences of our gesture: is what I ingest is healthy? Maybe we can compensate for the sweet tooth by making snacks with chocolate and dried fruit without sugar.

The craving for sweets could indicate a lack of mineral salts. We can make up for it with the consumption of fruit and vegetables as they are a good source of these microelements.

Craving for sweets, what foods to choose

There are alternatives that do not have negative consequences on blood sugar and above all help to block the vicious circle typical of the continuous consumption of sugars or sweets in the diet. Let's talk about foods that have natural sweeteners. Some have healthy sugars, others certain sweet-tasting micro nutrients, but in any case, they are able to satisfy the craving for sweets.

Glucose levels fluctuate continuously, which can cause glucose spikes. We can satisfy our body in a healthy way thanks to the foods you find below.


This amazing spice, used in the natural treatment of type 2 diabetes, lowers blood sugar levels and generates a strong feeling of satiety. This reduces the craving for sugar that often accompanies the end of a meal. Cinnamon can be taken in different ways. Try to buy Ceylan cinnamon, the most beneficial, and take it in the following ways:

  • To prepare any dessert: sponge cake, puddings, ice cream, etc.
  • As an infusion, after lunch.
  • Fasting with honey.


Pumpkin is rich in carbon hydrates, but its high fiber content allows them to be absorbed little by little. This allows blood sugar levels to be kept balanced and constant.

Importantly, people who abuse sweets often have intestinal parasites, even if they are not aware of them. These parasites, in fact, induce to eat more sweets, since they feed on them. For this reason, we also recommend that you take pumpkin seeds, which are one of the oldest remedies to fight and eliminate intestinal parasites.

Although pumpkin is usually cooked, can you also eat it raw, for example, grated in salads? If you want to cook it, an excellent idea will be to prepare a tasty puree. Thanks to the sweetness of this food, you can also prepare a dessert based on thin strips of pumpkin sprinkled with a little cinnamon. A tasty and healthy dessert.


Carrot also contains complex carbon hydrates that need to be ingested to turn into sugars. Like pumpkin, they are absorbed gradually and do not cause glucose spikes.

We advise you to eat it raw. The most effective way, if you have a blender, is in the form of juice combined with, for example, apple. You can also grate it and add it to other dishes such as side dishes, salads, soups or even sandwiches.

Sweet potato

There are many types of sweet potato, but they all have a slightly sweet flavor in common, hence the name. This potato is rich in natural sugars, but this should not alarm you, as they are offset by the high fiber content. Specifically, we are talking about pectin, which slows the absorption of sugars.

The sweet potato is very filling and we do not recommend eating it in the evening. The best hours are the morning ones; you can bake it or boil it, just like the classic potato.


This plant native to Paraguay is spreading as a natural sweetener thanks to its multiple benefits, including the ability to regulate blood glucose levels, on a par with cinnamon. In addition, stevia contains 0 calories, so it is ideal for combating the desire for sweets. With the incredible sweetness of this plant, you won't need to ingest other sugars. Stevia can be used to naturally sweeten any food and drink.

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