Pet Economy: what it is, trends and news

Italians, and not only, are very fond of theirs pets and they also have several, be they dogs or cats, or other animals. The number of creatures that share the domestic space with us is growing, we already are to 60 million, therefore our expenses also increase to maintain them and not only, also to pamper them. So here we can talk about Pet Economy, an ad hoc name for a segment in which it seems worth investing and entering. Let's see more than the economic trends, the social one, or what we like to buy for our animals.

Pet Economy: what it is

We can talk about Pet Economy when you want to mean all those services and products that concern the care, maintenance of pets, and even their entertainment, because, as you can imagine, there are a myriad of games dedicated to them.

So, imagine so many sub-categories of this sector. In what concerns nutrition, there are all the various types of food and supplements, but also the various bowls, including the timing ones that distribute the food rations during the day to prevent the cat or dog from swallowing. Then there is the part relating to hygiene, which is also very important for the health of the animal - with shampoos, creams and sprays - together with the part of drugs themselves and veterinary services. Just for food and care, the market is already on 2 billion euros, 4 billion if we consider various services, from cat / dog sitting to pensions to farms.

Turning to the playful part, you can spend hours and hours listing all kinds of games and accessories dedicated to animals and their entertainment, including accessories for relaxation, such as pillows and hammocks.

Maybe up until a decade ago it might have seemed out of place, but today it's clear: a strand of Pet Economy, perhaps also one of the most profitable and successful, is that of "fashion", especially for dogs. We probably all know what today is proposed to dress our dogs in coats, sweaters, T-shirts, pop collars and so on. In some sites and shops, prices are reached that are absurd but there is someone who buys them.

Pet Economy: trends

Let's take a closer look at what types of products you like best, in addition to the more traditional games, there are pet carriers, scratching posts, pillows, dispensers and leashes and also the “famous” glamorous coats worn in winter, on evening walks in the city. Dog strollers are also beginning to be seen around, both for the elderly, who struggle to walk for too long, and for those so puppies that after a few steps get tired and stubborn, not wanting to go home.

The health of our animals has always been a priority, and the veterinary expenses they have always been there, but prices are rising and more modern treatments are added to the “traditional” treatments, ranging from Bach flowers to “beauty” creams and deodorants. Products that are not always optimal for the mood and habits of our animal, not very eager to perfume, actually.

Pet Economy and new jobs

All this excitement around the world of dogs, in particular, because they are the animals for which you spend the most, has also given rise to new jobs. That of the dog sitter, already existing for some time, it has evolved and increased the offer. There are numerous dog sitters today around the parks with 5 or 6 dogs to manage, once it was not so easy to spot them around.

Having said that, the role of breeders has also evolved and today they also become "trainers" in some cases, finding themselves preparing dogs to participate in sporting competitions. One of the most recent and most successful specialties is Canicross, running with the dog, to be practiced even in company, in the open air. It strengthens our muscles and also the relationship with our animal.

Speaking of Pet Economy, we cannot fail to mention some original goodies that may not weigh on the level of economic flow but make it clear in which direction we are going. One for all, to mention, is the fashion for wedding dogs. There are specialized dog sitters, called Wedding Dog Sitter, specialized in wedding ceremonies, which flank the couple's dog making him almost the co-protagonist of the sweet moment.

Another interesting phenomenon is that of "influencer" dogs and also of the cats that are popular on the web. Let alone if, with the increase in followers, on Facebook and Instagram, but also on Youtube, there is no one who has not thought of monetizing this crowd of fans. As felines, we find names like “Grumpy Cat”, king of the web, and then “Clio Make up cats”, “Fotticchio”, “Venus, the cat with two faces” and “Smoothie, Queen of Fluff”. Among the dogs on Instagram we find Maru the Shiba Inu, with 2.6 million followers, and Tuna the Chiweenie, with 1.9 million followers, while on Facebook the Pomeranian Boo, with its over 17 million likes, and the pugs Minnie and Max, compared to his beginners, but with 1.4 million likes.

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