How to protect the garden from cats and dogs

How to protect the garden from cats and dogs

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At the umpteenth time I found the tomato seedlings scattered around the garden, wonderful ex zucchini cut into pieces and sown on the driveway and shapeless salad helmets, I decided it was time to understand how to protect the garden from cats and dogs, having two and two. It is not an easy task and the success rate is not very high, I do not want to deceive you, but with a little luck you will be able to save at least part of the products from your garden and eat a zero kilometer salad with satisfaction.

How to protect the garden from cats and dogs: introduction

It should be noted that not all dogs and not all cats have the fixation of destroy our garden so let's not immediately label them as enemies. At the same time it is right to warn you not to prepare a vegetable garden with a light heart, without taking the appropriate precautions, if we have four legs around the house.

The cat is indifferent, so he can not give a damn our garden and observe us with superiority when we cultivate it with difficulty, but it can also remain intrigued and therefore want to take possession of this space in its own way, devastating it at all costs.

Similarly, there are dogs playing in the garden, they observe birds and insects, but they are not interested in our corner of the garden, or others who, seeing us busy doing something other than cuddling them, are in a certain sense jealous and feel they want to participate in our fun, with not very constructive results.

How to protect the garden from cats and dogs with a play

What comes naturally to do is to install a barrier that protects the our rectangle of land from cats and dogs. It is a trivial idea that can work but also not, surely we must study very carefully the type of fence we buy, taking into account the extreme agility of cats and the impetuousness of many dogs who are capable of jumping or "breaking down" a fence without causing particular problems.

It is not a quick and not very cheap operation, to build a barrier around our vegetable garden, we can get by with DIY if we are experts but there are also some mountable barriers to buy in shops with garden tools. To prevent the cat from climbing, it is sometimes advisable to opt for a small glass or clear plastic greenhouse, which could also be useful for keeping other intruders such as birds and unwanted insects away.

If we are to protect our garden only from dogs, we can instead be more likely to successfully build a fence, remembering to make it tall. I underestimated my Labrador who flew over the hard-put fence with agility, forcing me to replace it with a really very high, kangaroo-proof one.

How to protect the garden from cats and dogs with repellents

Another way forward involves the use of repellent substances which can be applied to both cats and dogs, without causing any harm to health, of course. There are repellents that can be purchased online or in pet stores but also natural substances that can be self-produced and that give good results.

Let's see some of them

  • coffee grounds: hated by cats and easy to find at home, they can be scattered around the vegetable garden, camouflaging them with the earth
  • lemon juice: detested by cats and dogs because it is definitely too harsh, it can be sprayed around the vegetable garden with a nebulizer. If we do not have lemon or we ourselves are intolerant to its smell, we can also use another citrus fruit, the effect will be similar because animals in general do not like their smell.
  • Ginger: as with citrus fruits, also for this spice the effect is repulsive for both dogs and cats. We can sprinkle the edge of the garden with some powder
  • Herbs: especially those that give off a strong odor are very effective when it comes to keeping animals away. We can create a pleasant "natural barrier" of aromas around our garden to discourage cats and dogs or associate this method with that of the enclosure.

How to protect the garden from cats with a guard dog

If we don't have dogs but our cat is inclined to destroy our garden, The time has come to adopt one, instructing him immediately so that he understands that the land reserved for the garden is sacred and must be defended from enemy attacks. Among the enemies, there is also the house cat, curious, who makes his raids among the rows of vegetables. Of course, you can't adopt a dog just to protect a vegetable garden, you need to really want a new furry friend, confident that you can give him love, attention and space.

How to protect the garden from cats and dogs: book

If we have the desire to deepen the garden defense techniques, from cats, dogs and other animals that threaten it, we can dedicate ourselves to this excellent reading. The book "Defending the garden with natural remedies. Phytosanitary products, macerates, traps and other organic solutions for growing without poisons "is full of practical advice for those who have a garden and want to continue to have it and enjoy it.

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