The art of tidying up: tips and habits

The art of tidying up: tips and habits

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Nobody asks us to become gods order freaks but neither should we exaggerate in the opposite direction. We owe it to us and not, mind you, for fear of being seen and judged by someone but for ourselves. Many argue, and I agree, that living in a too disorderly environment can also cause psychological discomfort. Surely the external confusion does not help to clarify and to have definite and convinced ideas. This is true at work but also in life. L'art of tidying up it is therefore very important because it can help us to live more peacefully and not in the constant worry of having something in the house.

We start from the basics which are the most important ones precisely because we do not aim for perfectionism but to be in an environment in which we find what we are looking for and in which it is pleasant to be, for ourselves and consequently for others as well. Here are some tips to start taking care of the environment we are in.

The art of tidying up: tips

Have one strategy is essential to achieve success and then let's create it. It is very important to create a work plan immediately to arrange the house so as not to waste time but also not to do unnecessary things. We try to mark everything we need to do and then proceed step by step so that in a short period of time the various objectives can be followed. This is important both in order not to postpone deadlines, and to have some satisfaction gradually and not just at the end.

If we are arranging the house, we immediately identify a corner that can be reserved for the pc, the notebooks we have and everything that can make this place look like a small office. L'mental order and the external order are linked and the idea of ​​a corner like this will also help us to better organize our days and the home-work balance.

Clean and tidying up isn't particularly interesting or funny, to avoid postponing our goal it is important to set a day of the week in which we take a few hours, the ones we need, to clean. There are those who commit the weekend, those who prefer to sacrifice an evening, the important thing is that it is always that day and with a sufficient free time slot.

A little bit of organization also in the equipment which is important. Of course let's dress comfortably but above all let's get ourselves with boxes in which we can catalog all the objects we have so that they are not scattered everywhere. Speaking of scattered objects, we try to have as little as possible because it is less likely to make confusion. Ballpoint pen, papers, discarded clothes, receipts and flyers: we often do not realize that we accumulate a series of objects which at first sight are harmless but which in the long run create a great mess.

The art of tidying up: habits

We try to take some habits that are correct and concerning cleanliness. At the beginning it will be heavy but then we will get used to discovering its advantages. One of the actions that must be implemented immediately is to make the bed before leaving the house. It is not essential in practice and it is very important to start the day with some satisfaction.

We leave the room in order for the return and we leave with the right foot. The idea of ​​keeping the kitchen very clean is also important and effective. If we can keep things tidy a little at a time we can avoid spending afternoons tidying up or cleaning. Those who have experienced it on their skin know it, it is much less difficult to clean and fix immediately rather than to accumulate and then find yourself scraping the pans and dishes a month later.

The magical power of tidying up

When it comes to order, we cannot fail to mention our friend Marie Kondo who wrote a book with in-depth explanations on her method that many have tried. He asks us to take time to plan our actions so that materials can be prepared.

Chapter after chapter this book guides us even in the smallest actions so as not to create hooks and then give up on your reorganization mission. THE drawers in the cupboards, the kitchen, the living room: room after room, every square centimeter is reviewed in order to reach the goal in a complete way.


Let's go back to the object question to clarify that the decluttering, or the art of getting rid of what I need, is essential for all those who really want a tidy house, Putting order with too many things in their hands means in practice moving objects from one point to another but never getting rid of them useless to regain space in life giving away the superfluous. This does not mean that we have to give everything away but you can think of staying with those who need us most. This applies to shoes and clothes but also to the many objects that we accumulate and that maybe they give us and we don't know what to do with them.

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