Difference between lobster and lobster

Difference between lobster and lobster

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Difference between lobster and lobster: how they stand out and why lobsters are considered more valuable. Here's what you should know about the differences between these two crustaceans.

Scrolling through this page you will find two images, one shows a 'lobsterand in the other a lobster. Could you tell me which lobster is and which lobster? At the end of the text I will ask you the same question and I am sure you will be able to answer.

Someone believesmistakenlythat lobsters are the "males" of lobsters. But that's not the case at all! These are two completely different animals. Lobsters and lobsters are not even "related" or rather, they are no more to each other than they can be with a crab! They are crustaceans but very different from each other.

Difference between lobster and lobster

Let's start with a theoretical notion. ThelobstersI'm a kind ofdecapod crustaceansof the family of the nephropids. Thelobstersthey are similarly decapod crustaceans but belong to the Palinuridae family.

Here we have clarified thatlobster and lobsterthey are two different animals but for those who do not understand animal biology, these words mean little!

How to distinguish a lobster from a lobster?

By observing what you have in front of you. L'lobster has clawswhile thelobsterit does not have one. If in a restaurant you notice a large tank I'm ininmatesof crustaceans withclawsbandaged, know that it will belobsters.

The lobster has no claws! The lobster is equipped with claws.

By observing the images on the page, with this information you will be able to distinguish a lobster from a lobster very easily. The lobster is the crustacean shown in the photo below while the lobster (in particular it is a Mediterranean lobster) is shown in the photo above.

The lobster lives in the Atlantic Ocean as well as in the Mediterranean Sea. There are lobsters of different sizes on the market. In nature, a lobster can change its shell a hundred times: if not preyed or fished, it lives up to 80 years!

The largest lobster caught to date is the giant Bermuda lobster: it weighed approximately 8 kg.

The high demand forlobstersin the fish market has made this animal at risk so much that it has been included in Appendix III of protected species, a list drawn up by the Berne Convention.

Lobster and lobster: how much they cost

The difference between the two crustaceans is not only morphological but also in price. The reason that makes lobster more prized is not strictly related to its meat but to its ownshortage. Thelobstersthey are much more abundant and they also arrive on our market from the Americas.

L'American lobster has a cost that never exceeds 18 euros per kg. It is the Homarus Homarus americanus species. L'blue lobstero European lobster features finer meats, is rarer to find on the market and has acostwhich oscillates between 40 and 90 euros per kg.

L'Mediterranean lobster(Palinurus elephas) ​​easily reaches 90 euros per kg but also in this case there is no shortage of import options. The tropical lobster can be found in the shoals offrozen foodsat a cost of 20 euros per kg.

European lobster and American lobster

The European lobster is very similar to the American one. It is distinguished by a bluish color, with yellow spots on the back and light belly. It can reach a length of 60 cm even if those found on the market generally do not exceed 30 - 40 cm.

The American lobster reaches more generous dimensions. It can live up to 140 years and weigh more than 9 kg. The record is set at 12 kg for a specimen of about one meter in length. It differs from the European lobster not so much in size (which depends on the growth status of each specimen) but in the color of its shell which is more lively.

Eggs are also common in the American lobster, they are served raw in sushi bars or, sometimes, even cooked. They are purple in color but when cooked they take on a red color. They can be used like caviar (sturgeon eggs).

Lobsters and lobsters feel no pain: false

Among the popular beliefs there is also this: the lobster does not feel pain. In fact, this belief was born to "lighten" the minds of those who perform a "live cooking" of the animal, by immersing the live lobster in boiling water.

This belief has been largely disproved by several studies.

If you confuse these two crustaceans, you will probably also confuse molluscs like squid, cuttlefish and squid. You might find the reading interesting: difference between squid and squid.

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