Walking meditation: definition and benefits

Walking meditation: definition and benefits

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When you imagine someone meditating, you visualize a person sitting or lying down with their eyes closed but it does not necessarily mean that this is the case and we will soon demonstrate it by telling you about the benefits of walking meditation. What is important when meditating is the flow of our thoughts and energies, it is our ability to regulate the mind and set it on the here and now. And if "here" means walking, perhaps in a relaxing and green place, then even better.

Walking meditation: definition

There walking meditation it is a real form of meditation that is put into practice in movement and that perhaps also for this reason involves with great success not only the mind, but also the body, catalyzing our attention.

There are many people, myself included, who have one while standing poor ability to concentrate but as they walk they concentrate better on the moment they are living and do not wander with their minds to the past or the future. Moving helps us to concentrate and draws positive energy but we don't have to walk like this to do it, it is important to regulate breathing and steps to be as aware as possible. It is also perfect as a method for mindfulness because it helps us even more than "static" mediation to live the here and now.

Walking meditation: benefits

Walk meditating, or meditating while walking, offers us the opportunity to intervene both on the body and on thought in an active and "proactive" way. As we move we can be aware of the movements of our body and therefore of all its parts. Regular breathing is used to let the energies flow and not to forget about parts of the body that we often neglect. At the same time, by meditating, we work on thought.

By practicing the walking meditation with regularity it is possible and to become more aware of daily life even in the small things around us. It is clear that in order for all this to work, we must not walk as if we were missing the train but with a step in rhythm with our breathing, slow and concentrated. Inhalation and exhalation must correspond to our steps.

Walking meditation: who is it for

It is very important to clarify that it is not necessary to be an athlete or mountaineer to practice this type of meditation which requires only one good walking ability but no record for sprinters. Of course, there are some subjects to whom it is particularly recommended such as those who lead a sedentary life and need to exercise or those who need to release stress and are looking for a moment of calm and tranquility.

In this case, meditating while standing could increase the level of anxiety and stress which are instead discharged with the walk, gradually taking on a peaceful rhythm. Walking meditation is also perfect for those who find it hard to concentrate and who, thanks to a regular step, combined with an equally regular breathing, can instead be able to focus on a theme without wandering or getting nervous.

Walking meditation: how to do it

Let's get ready as if for a light excursion, so with a couple of very comfortable shoes and with soft clothes that do not block any flow of energy and that do not force us into positions that are not ours. There are those who walk even barefoot but in fact it is difficult to feel confident doing so and if shoes are comfortable they do not compromise the success of our meditative walk. We try not to take anything with us, not even the telephone. It is a great sacrifice but for the success of the session it is good to listen to this advice: a cell phone ring in the middle of a session would ruin it definitively.

Let's not immediately throw ourselves into meditation as if we had an on / off switch on us, but let's take the time to enter the experience by sitting cross-legged for five minutes and practicing deep breaths with our hands on our chest and abdomen. When you get up you have to take very slow steps trying to listen to what the suggests our breath that he should never get out of breath, otherwise we risk becoming anxious and that's not what we want.

By placing the foot on the ground, one at a time, we take care to make it adhere to the earththe whole plant and not just the heel or the toe, because it is a contact with the earth. By adjusting steps and breathing, you can proceed for about ten minutes and then stop and listen to the beating of our heart. Every ten minutes we do a check to continue in a regular and sensible way.

Walking meditation: accessories

To prepare us for this experience, here are some accessories. A themed t-shirt, comfortable pants for women and men and a sun hat that can disturb our concentration.

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