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Fitbit Charge is the new bracelet to monitor physical activity that constitutes the evolution of Fitbit Flex which I had reviewed a few months ago and which is still one of the best-selling products among the many activity trackers available today, especially for its excellent value for money and for its "sobriety".

In this review I will introduce the functionality of the new Fitbit Charge recently also available in Italy.

Fortunately the manufacturers of Fitbit Charge they managed to add new features without sacrificing aesthetics and sobriety which in my opinion remain elements of fundamental importance when you have to buy an object to wear every day and possibly 24 hours a day since the functions offered also include that of quality measurement of sleep.

But let's go in order. Fitbit Charge naturally includes all the features of its Fitbit Flex predecessor, namely:

1) Steps paths

2) Distance traveled

3) Calories burned

4) Active minutes

5) Number of hours you sleep

6) Quality of sleep

There great and important news of Fitbit Charge and the OLED display which performs the function of clock, showing the time and allowing those who wish to abandon their watch. Fitbit Charge also includes a wake up function with vibration.

The OLED display also allows access to all data on your physical activity collected in real time such as distance and speed, so as to keep us updated on how close we are to reaching our daily goals and on our performance during a run.

The first goal, for the more sedentary, in order to improve the quality of their life, is usually the one recommended by theWHO (World Health Organization) to keep your body in shape: 10,000 steps a day which is equivalent to about 8 km.

Yours Fitbit Charge will also be able to show you the level of intensity of physical activity accomplished, distinguishing a walk from a run.

Most of the activity trackeron the market, including Fitbit line products, measure your physical activity thanks to a gyroscope embedded based on three axes, ensuring a good reliability in the data collected.

Fitbit Charge, in addition, it also incorporates a chip that fulfills the altimeter function and in this way it is able to provide us with information on the number of steps passed, in case we decide to go up a flight of stairs, a good way to get closer to our daily goal when our day has been too sedentary and we realize it only when we arrive home later we can still choose whether to take the lift or climb stairs.

Fitbit Charge it is also water resistant (up to 1 atmosphere): you can therefore also wear it in the shower, although my opinion is that it is always better to remove it for greater safety (also to be able to better wash your wrist! :-)

At night the Fitbit Charge, again thanks to its three-axis gyroscope, it will measure the quality of your sleep by deducing it from the number of times you have turned around, then giving you visibility the next morning.

Very useful, as for its predecessor, is the ability to monitor the data detected by the Fitbit Charge through thededicated smartphone app, available for both Iphone / IOS that for Android / Samsung. Synchronization takes place in real time and wireless.

Fun and stimulating is also the function of the Fitbit Charge for "Compete" with your friends, based on the physical activity performed every day and 15 different "challenges".

Fitbit Charge also includes the call notification function to which you can then decide to answer or not via your smartphone.

Searching the net for the reviews of users and users of Fitbit Charge in Italy and in the rest of the world I found very few complaints and negative judgments: among the criticisms I found I would like to point out the detection of steps even when you are behind the wheel of a car and the closure of the bracelet not exactly immediate (I honestly, as a user , I really disagree with this note). For the rest only positive reviews.

The Fitbit Charge is available in colorsblack, plum, blue and burgundy you see below:

Also in this case I would say that sobriety and elegance wins.

There duration of the Fitbit Charge battery it's about 7 days and the charging necessity of less than 2 hours.

Fitbit Charge is currently on offer on Amazon at 109.99 euros , compared to the list price offered in stores of 129.99 Euros, with free shipping included and the usual "money back guarantee".

In my opinion it is currently the activity tracker with the best value for money and, unless you want to save around 30 Euros, it is cheaper, in relation to the new features available, than its predecessor Fitbit Flex.

Below the Fitbit Charge official promotional video (in English):

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Video: Fitbit Charge 4 Review! - It has GPS! But Is it any good for runners? (June 2022).


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