Mushroom Green Zero

Mushroom Green Zero

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On the occasion of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2013), numerous innovations were presented that delighted all technology lovers. Among the various goodies present at CES 2013, the Green Zero mushroom caught our attention. Is called Mushroom Green Zero was presented by Bracketron, and is a wall charger, perfect for the forgetful!

How often do we forget our mobile phone charging even after completing the battery charge? We connect the smartphone to the current or to the computer, without disconnecting it if necessary. The consequences of this neglect of ours see considerable energy waste and premature battery wear that ends up in last less and less!

The role of the Green Zero mushroom is to make up for this lack of ours. Mushroom Green Zero stops the transmission of electricity when the battery reaches full charge. Mushroom Green Zero it consists of a portable battery charger, is compact and takes up minimal dimensions.

The wall charger is mushroom-shaped and carries a green hat made of sustainable plastic, the hat has been designed to collect electrical cables, so as to avoid annoying tangles. To the Mushroom Green Zero a universal cable can be added for charging devices via USB ports so as to allow the economical charging of the most disparate portable devices.

The device, manufactured by Bracketron, it costs only $ 27.95, equivalent to about 21 euros. It is a pity that marketing in Europe is not planned, therefore an electrical adapter will be required to use the device in Italy.

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