Ariete Eco Power vacuum cleaner

Ariete Eco Power vacuum cleaner

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The line of Ariete Eco Power vacuum cleaner proposes different models. Model Eco Power 2788 it is the top of the range of the Line Aries. The three models have one thing in common: they are devices that guarantee a energy saving which ranges from 40 percent to 50 percent of the top-of-the-range model.

Ariete Eco Power 2788 vacuum cleaner
Halve i power consumptions. It ensures a suction capacity higher than that of a normal 2,200 W vacuum cleaner with the difference that theAriete Eco Power 2788 it consumes only 1,150 W. At this link you can find all the technical details. L'Ariete Eco Power 2788 vacuum cleaner costs around 100 euros.

Ariete Eco Power vacuum cleaner 2791/1
The suction capacity is higher than that of a normal 2,200 W vacuum cleaner, just like the top model. The difference is in the energy expenditure which in this case is not halved but is reduced by 40 percent. The 1,300 W power guarantees energy saving and high performance. L'Ariete Eco Power 2791/1 vacuum cleaner it can be easily found on the market at a price of around 80 euros.

Ariete Eco Power vacuum cleaner
Also in this case i energy consumption are optimized. The energy saving guaranteed is 45 percent. Just like its fellow Ariete vacuum cleaners, it can guarantee better results than a 2,200W vacuum cleaner with the big difference that it consumes only 1,250W.

The models came with a complete kit of accessories which includes: crevice nozzle, brush for fabrics and soft brush for parquet and delicate surfaces. All three models are equipped with Hepa filter, power control - so as to further optimize the energy expenditure- and a 2.5 liter dirt tank. The price is around 70 euros.

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