Glass bottle cutter

Glass bottle cutter

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A cutter for cut glass bottles? It is the dream of many, recycle glass bottles with an ad hoc cutter. To help these dreamers comes an American startup that marketed cutter to cut glass. The tool in question costs 40 euros and can be conveniently purchased on the web, just a few clicks.

The cutter we are talking about is called Kinkajou and is named after a small sharp-toothed mammal native to South Africa, the Kinkajou. The bottle cutter allows you to cut glass with extreme ease. With the cut bottles you can make lamps, glasses, object holders, vases ... you just need a little imagination.


How does the bottle cutter?

  1. It is fixed on the bottle, at the height where you intend to cut. The side handles are tightened to create a perfect fit.
  2. The cutting wheel is rotated creating a fracture line.
  3. The bottle is subjected to sudden changes in temperature by immersing it first in boiling water and then in cold water.
  4. The bottle will be sectioned in two but will need to be refined.


Finishing can be done with a simple sandpaper. To be more precise, it is advisable to work with sheets of different grain in ascending order. It starts with an 80 grit and then moves on to 120 and 180. The more scrupulous will be able to finish with 220 sheets in order to obtain ready-to-use glasses, which do not generate any kind of friction when brought to the lips.

Where to buy the bottle cutter?
On portal. You can pay for your purchase by credit card, prepaid card belonging to the MasterCard or Visa circuit (like postepay) or online account like paypal. The bottle cutter costs about 40 euros to which you will have to add about 10 euros for shipping costs and plus the customs fees required by the courier when the item arrives at your home. Depending on the category and price of the object, customs taxes amount to approximately 20 euros. Between shipping costs and taxes, the bottle cutter it will cost you more than 70 euros.


Buying a bottle cutter in Italy

Those who do not want to take on such a substantial financial outlay can point to equally effective third-party products. Fortunately, the market is constantly expanding and it is possible to buy a glass cutter created for cutting bottles even at lower prices.

A product with a good value for money can be found on Amazon at a price of € 30.99 with free shipping, for all the details on the product we refer to the official Amazon page: Tool for cutting glass bottles.

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