Water resistant cameras by Samsung

Water resistant cameras by Samsung

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Invest in memories and when you go out to sea, shoot everything with your compact water resistant video camera. Samsung has launched two waterproof cameras capable of shooting videos in full HD and taking photos with a resolution of 5 MP. These new products Samsung they seem to be born for those who have nothing to fear!

Too often we depend on technology, we spend our time making sure that the display of our iPhone does not get scratched or that the rear body of our Galaxy does not get damaged, so we give up using our technology in the best moments of our life: while skiing , while we are in a canoe or while we enjoy our vacation! This is how the Panasonic Eluga, lo was born water resistant smartphone and it is by the same principle that the small waterproof Samsung cameras were born.


Compact water resistant cameras are the Samsung W300 and the Samsung W350. These are pocket-sized multimedia cameras that combine a sporty, highly resistant and attractive case with a series of interesting performances. The multimedia cameras cost € 149 and € 199 respectively. Both multimedia cameras are available in black, red and orange variants.

Technical specifications:

  • Video recording format: H.264
  • Video recording quality: Super fine
  • NTSC Full HD (1920 x 1080 325p) / HD (1280 x 720 25p)
  • Double image stabilization
  • Water mode
  • 4 Lux of sensitivity in low light conditions
  • Screen size 2.3 ″
  • SD micros storage
  • 5 megapixel image sensor
  • Integrated microphone
  • 2 channels of audio recording
  • USB interface
  • Li-ion battery
  • Battery autonomy: 2 hours
  • Successfully tested up to five meters deep
  • Resistant to falls up to 2 meters in height

If these features are not enough, the W350 includes an outdoor sports kit that includes a floating case and two bands to prune the chest or arm chamber. In addition, thanks to the rotating display, the W350 can be used by athletes to record their performances.


You should buy Samsung W300 or W350 self:
- love extreme sports
-I love shooting on the go
- if very careless
-if you love rafting, canoeing, kayaking
-I love snorkeling
-You love having videos of your holidays by the sea, in the mountains ...
-you like to use hi-tech devices without fear

Video: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus WATERPROOF Test- 1 Hour UNDERWATER IP-68 TestFingerprint Test Underwater? (June 2022).


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