BytePac, the eco solution for your data

BytePac, the eco solution for your data

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You need a external hard disk but don't want to spend a lot of money to get one? The solution is there and it's simple, it's called BytePac, a package that contains all your gigabytes of memory in a safe and environmentally friendly way. With BytePac you will have a kit that will transform your electronic waste into a practical one external hard disk.

BytePac is a green gadget which exploits the principle of reuse and practicality. The kit consists of a cardboard case that will cover your old internal hard disk and with the cables included in the box, it will transform your internal hard disk into a portable hard disk.

BytePac is a case for 3.5 or 2.5 inch hard drives, is produced with recyclable cardboard and is part of a larger box: also the packaging with which the BytePac it can be reused for the creation of a zero impact archive. Each case can be labeled as if it were a binder, it is also equipped with a passive ventilation system and holes that allow the cable connection, between theexternal hard disk and the pc.

“BytePac is an example to follow in terms of sustainability and minimum environmental impact. Compared to traditional plastic hard disk boxes, for which approximately 350 ml of crude oil is used, BytePac is made from 100% renewable materials. Thanks to the uni-cable connection kit, even in the future it will be easy to access the data stored on BytePac. "

Our experience with the BytePac it was very positive. At first it seemed like an unreliable product but it surprised all our expectations; cardboard has proved to be an excellent ally of electronics and has shown us safety and resistance flanked by extreme dynamism: since it is cardboard it is highly customizable with both adhesives and paints and drawings.

BytePac is proposed as a case for hard disk, it doesn't matter if they come from an old PC or new from the shop. We recommend using it to breathe new life into your old hard drives. Too often the old PC is thrown away or scrapped inadequately, having a case that reorganizes its data in a simple and safe way is a considerable advantage. BytePac it is a step forward for the era eco-technological.

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