Eco watches powered by the sun

Eco watches powered by the sun

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You can show the world how much you care about the environment by showing off a ecological watch; there are many programs for battery disposal but too many times it happens that when a battery runs out, it ends up in landfills, without any plan. This is why the solar powered watches to free you from the use of any battery!

Casio. When it comes to electronics, the Casio brand is very popular and the famous company could not exempt itself from the production of watches powered by the sun, indeed, it can be defined as a pioneer of this production so that several models are available, in the Oceanus and G series shock.

Casio recently released a sundial in the G-Shock collection, in this model the solar panel is located behind the clock face.

Casio says it only takes 6.2W of solar power to produce 860,000 movements of its newborn watch. The Oceanus line was created for the most demanding, in fact the Oceanus OCWM800TBA-1A model is a chronograph powered by solar energy and is advertised as the first “solar atomic” device. The elegant design and attention to detail justify the $ 900 price tag.

Seiko. Seiko's eco-friendly series is called Hybrid and includes watches powered by solar energy. In the Hybrid line, the solar cells have been cleverly disguised with the help of colored resin plates, the result? Perfectly integrated solar cells that add a touch of glamor to the watch.

L'sundial Seiko has become quite popular with a young audience and given the success of the Hybrid line, Seiko will soon be launching new models of eco watches with a list price that can fluctuate between 215 and 285 dollars. Seiko watches, with a full charge cycle, can run for six months even away from any light source.

Nixon. It debuted on the market a short time ago, with a range of watches called "Volta", the line is characterized by high sustainability: they are all solar powered watches.

The watches feature a semi-transparent dial to allow light to pass through the dial and access the solar panels just below it. The best feature of the Volta line is that you don't need to be in the sun to power your watch, any kind of light will do the trick to recharge the battery.

Freestyle. It was christened The Boiler, it is a solar powered watch unique in its kind because it is the first to be able to boast of running for a whole year on a single full charge. The Freestyle watch has an indicator that indicates the battery status and is equipped with an energy saving mechanism to increase charging performance.

The Boiler costs $ 115 and is an excellent price for the features it offers.

Diana. A made in Italy watch could not be missing from the appeal. Her name is Diana and was created by the Milanese designer Tommaso Ceschi. The Italian watch has a classic design that changes the world of watches. It does not feature the conventional minute and hour dial. The hand is placed in the upper part of the dial and measures time with the ancient sundials showing only the hours with the hand. The complete time will appear in a box with a digital display. The clock will also signal the passage of the seasons indicated by the zodiac signs. The Italian designer Tommaso Ceschi created the wristwatch for the Italian company Orologeria Pisa. Diana is powered by solar energy which is absorbed by the watch mechanism by the strap which is fitted with small silicon spheres.


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