Keyboard for iPad

Keyboard for iPad

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If Hemingway had had an iPad, he probably would have bought this damn classic looking keyboard. The keyboard in question is called Oak and it seems to have traveled in time from the 1920s to today. Oak is a dock station in natural wood, very resistant and handmade in a limited edition.

L'iPad it is very convenient, allows you to surf the internet, read ebooks, view videos, photos and is a great ally when we have to take notes. Perhaps most iPad users will find the touchscreen keyboard particularly uncomfortable, not only for typing but above all because it takes up a large part of the tablet's display. This is how the need to buy one arises keyboard for iPad.

In technical terms, the keyboard Oak it has nothing to send to other competitors on the market, indeed, Oak has an added value that lies in its aesthetics: it has golden finishes, made of natural wood with a style that goes well with any context. The dock station is available in various types of wood including cherry, maple, hand painted with marble textures or with “rusty” metal finishes.

Oak is a keyboard compatible with any iDevice that allows bluetooth synchronization. It lends itself well as a “dock workstation” as it has been designed to allow the device to always follow an optimal viewing angle. The price of the "dock workstation" is $ 159.

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