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Panasonic Smart App

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Panasonic, on the occasion of the debut of its new line of appliances, has announced the launch of a service that will allow users to manage remotely your appliances. The service is called Panasonic Smart App and with it, users will be able to set programs, manage and monitor home appliances so as to ensure comfort and energy saving.

Panasonic Smart App will be available from the end of September and can be downloaded from Google Play and used on all devices Android. Panasonic Smart App leverages cloud technology. In fact, the Panasonic company has already used this service for some of its appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators and microwaves.

The application released by Panasonic and intended for the line of household appliances smart, will allow users to control the temperature of their home even from a distance: too often we leave the heating on to find the home warm when returning with a large waste of energy. The app will allow you to check if the refrigerator is working optimally or if there is any malfunction in the various appliances in the line.

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